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Crafts from tires

In the manufacture of crafts from tires with cord made of metal, the tool quickly dulls and fails. Tell me a way out. 251 views | 07/31/2017 23:44 Recent questions: There is a picture of moss, but I don’t know the name. Victor asked (at my place) Someone at the country eats red beet leaves and carrot leaves. Who is this?
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Casseroles with potatoes and cheese - simple, tasty, exquisite

The popularity of potato casseroles with cheese is hard to overestimate. Indeed, from simple and affordable products you can create a wide variety of dishes for all occasions. Classic recipes A simple but very tasty casserole consists of only three components - potatoes, cheese and onions. Cooking is simple; products can be found in any kitchen.
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Potato "Colombo": a new variety from Finland

Finnish potato "Colombo" (Colomba) - a very early, table variety variety - has proven itself in the Russian market and has been praised by domestic gardeners. It is included in the State Register of Russia for the Central, Central Black Earth and North Caucasus regions. Description of the variety and characteristics of Colombo potatoes are given by the originator - HZPC Holland, a well-known vegetable company in the world market.
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House and garden

The rules for growing varietal strawberries "Sonata"

Garden strawberry "Sonata" is a new and productive mid-season strawberry variety of Dutch selection and is characterized by a long fruiting period. Its ancestors are the famous varieties of garden strawberries "Elsanta" and "Shelf". Fragaria ananassa Sonata belongs to large-fruited and very productive varieties, the popularity of which among Russian gardeners is growing every year.
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Potato "Gingerbread Man": beautiful, tasty and fruitful

Mid-season potato Kolobok from the originator VNIIKH named after A. G. Lorch and Agrocenter Korenevo is included in the State Register of the Russian Federation for the Central Region. The variety has been in the State Register since 2005, and over the 10 years it has managed to become popular in our country and neighboring countries. Characteristics of the variety "Kolobok" Potato bushes "Kolobok" are formed from medium or high stems of intermediate growth type, semi-erect.
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Potato "Laura": features of the variety

Mid-early Laura potatoes from the German company Europlant Pflanzenzucht GmbH are one of the undoubted leaders in European production and are among the most popular varieties of red-peeled potatoes in the Baltic countries. The characteristic of the Laura potato variety was bred as a highly productive substitute for the Scarlet variety and has now almost completely replaced it in Europe.
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