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Grapes "Libya": description and proper cultivation technology

Grapes "Libya" despite the relatively recent cultivation has already attracted the attention of professionals and amateur winegrowers with its quality characteristics and is gaining popularity in homestead viticulture. Variety characteristics The author of the variety is Ukrainian amateur breeder V.V. Zagorulko, who received the Libya grapes as a result of crossing the Flamingo and Arcadia varieties.
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Ficus Benjamin: the secrets of proper growing at home

The evergreen indoor plant Ficus Benjamina was named after the famous British botanist Jackson Benjamin Daydon. Ficus Benjamin belongs to the Mulberry or Moraceae family and is a very popular houseplant among flower growers both in our country and abroad. General information Ficuses of Benjamin are incredibly popular among lovers of indoor floriculture, masters of phytodesign and landscaping.
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How to cook a delicious casserole with minced meat in the microwave

A meat casserole is a great quick option for a hearty dinner. The dish turns out juicy, both adults and children will appreciate its taste. In the microwave, you can cook various versions of casseroles with minced meat for every taste. Vegetable casseroles in the microwave The combination of meat and vegetables is a classic option for a delicious casserole.
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Questions and answers

Where to buy herbicides

Good day! Please tell me how to buy herbicides for the destruction of weed on the site. I live in Kazakhstan, I can’t find it, but if there is one, it’s sold in tons. Tags: Kitchen Garden 207 views | 04/29/2017 16:56 Recent questions: There is a picture of moss, but I don’t know the name. Victor asked. At my cottage, someone eats red beet leaves and carrot leaves. Who is this?
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