French Cinnabon Buns: Best Recipes

It turns out that not only recipes that came to us from ancient times can be called classical. Here's a living example of modern classic confectionery art - Cinnabon buns.

The birth of the Cinnabon brand

This American classic was born at the end of the last century, in 1985, on December 5 in Seattle. It was then that the first ever Cinnabon bun bakery opened in history, in the version that is today called the classic.

The fact that this event was epoch-making was revealed a little later, when fast-food cafe-bakeries were opened all over the world. In recent years, this network has covered more than 60 countries, and the total number of points has long exceeded 1000 and is growing rapidly. There are more than 120 such bakeries in Russia, they started appearing in 2009, and this brand came to Ukraine in 2013. The development of the network is based on the franchise principle.

The company made a lot of efforts to invent its famous Cinnabon bun recipe. After it became clear that the experiment was a success, new varieties of products began to appear. The initial recipe, of course, is taken as the basis, but he has the following varieties:

  • Minibon, appeared in 1988 and is a small copy of the standard version;
  • Cinnabon Bytes, miniature, literally 1 bite;
  • Chocobon, chocolate version of the main product;
  • Cinnabon Styx, the same Cinnabon, but from puff pastry;
  • Pecanbon bun with extra caramel glaze and pecans.

And recently, the assortment of bakery cafes has also expanded with Cinnabon-style cupcakes. In America, they love cupcakes, convenient cakes in a cup. Bakery today serves a variety of cupcakes based on the classic dough for Cinnabon.

This cannot be said to be a cheap treat. Yes, and you can’t take such food to a healthy diet, the calorie content of the buns horrifies the ladies who are forced to take care of the figure. Nevertheless, this does not interfere with the growth of the popularity of synabons. The sweet creamy taste inherent in this baking, splendor, incomparable aroma are an invincible temptation.

Cooking Cinnabons at home

Of course, the company keeps its secrets, however, some details of the manufacture of Cinnabons are not hidden from the general public. For example, the fact that cinnamon of a special kind of makara is grown specifically for these buns. Engaged in this in Indonesia, in the highlands, and this is partly the source of the high cost of the Cinnabons.

Each housewife can cook Sinabon rolls at home and compare their taste with those served in specialized bakery cafes.

Here are the main and most interesting recipes.

The classic recipe for synabons with glaze and cinnamon



  • premium wheat flour - ½ kg;
  • dry yeast - 1½ tsp;
  • 230 ml of milk;
  • ½ pack of butter;
  • beetroot - 100 g;
  • 2 eggs;
  • sugar;
  • salt - ½ tsp;
  • water - 60 ml.


  • oil, ½ pack;
  • cane sugar - 1 tbsp;
  • 2 tbsp. l cinnamon powder.


  • cream cheese - 100 g (Philadelphia or Almette, or Mascarpone);
  • oil - ½ pack;
  • 200 g of powdered sugar.

Cooking process:

  • The filling and glaze oil must be removed from the refrigerator in advance so that it can acquire a soft consistency. For the same purpose, keep warm and cream cheese.
  • Cooking the dough. We heat the milk, pour salt into it, then sugar, and then yeast. Order matters. After stirring well, put in a warm place.
  • Melt the dough oil, let cool. Beat the eggs separately. They must be at room temperature.
  • We take a bowl, pour water into it, interfere with beaten eggs, then pour in the milk mixture, last but not least, oil. Mix, and at this time pour flour.
  • Knead the dough thoroughly, it must be soft. At first it sticks to your hands, and you need to knead until it ceases to be sticky. We roll it into a bun and send it to come for 1 hour
  • When the set time has passed, we roll out a rectangular formation of 40 x 60 cm, a thickness of ½ cm.
  • We put the filling on the dough layer, stepping away from the edges. First, generously spread an even layer of butter, then sprinkle with sugar, and then cinnamon.

Tip: saving on oil is not supposed, even in order to reduce the number of calories. The effect will be negligible, and the quality of the buns will significantly decrease.

  • We turn the roll, pressing tightly, it should have 5 turns. We pinch the edges so that the filling doesn’t decide to get out. We take a string and cut the roll into identical circles 4 cm thick. If you followed the instructions, then you should get 16 circles. Cut with a knife is better not to try, because everything is in doubt. Unless you have an extremely sharp knife.
  • We cover the baking sheet with parchment, oil it and lay out the "snails" so that there are 2-3 cm gaps between them. We place the buns for about 1 hour.
  • We heat the oven to 155 ° C. If it is blowing, then the oven needs only 15 minutes.
  • Cooking the icing. Mix butter with cheese, beat with icing sugar. It will look like a thick sauce.
  • When the buns taken out of the oven become warm, pour them with sauce. Wait until completely cooled, do not. But if you start to water too hot, then the entire lush sauce will melt and flow down.

Classic Cinnabon Buns

Dough for synabons on dough

Yeast dough turns out more magnificent if it is prepared on pressed yeast - live yeast. Especially, if it is cooked in a douche method, with two or three doughs, then the products will turn out to be surprisingly airy and light.


  • pressed yeast - 50 g;
  • flour, by eye, about 600-700 g;
  • 200 ml of milk;
  • 2 fresh chicken eggs;
  • 100 g of sugar;
  • 1 tsp salts;
  • 80 g softened butter.

Cooking process:

  • In warmed milk with one tablespoon of sugar, dissolve the yeast, leave the dough to rise for 20 minutes.
  • Beat the eggs with the remaining sugar and salt, stir with butter. The mixture should be homogeneous and smooth.

Butter intended for dough can be replaced with margarine. But for the filling and cream, such a replacement is not allowed.

  • In a blender we place dough and egg-oil mixture. Beat while introducing flour in small portions. We knead the dough already on the table, we make it stop sticking to the palms. Having rolled a bun from it, we send to approach for 1½ - 2 hours. During this time, we crush it 2-3 times.

Gluten synagogue dough

The presence of an increased amount of gluten in the test is one of the brand secrets of the Cinnabon brand. If we want the quality of our homemade buns to be close to perfect, we will prepare gluten on our own. You can simply add wheat gluten to the dough, but it’s easy to make gluten.

Take 1 tablespoon of flour and knead the dough on 2 tablespoons of water. Substitute the resulting lump under a stream of water and allow it to erode it. When in the hands there remains a loose likeness of a rag with sticky properties, we consider that the desired gluten is in our hands. We introduce it into the dough for synabons along with flour.

Cinnabon buns fast

Maybe the rolls for this recipe will not be really Cinnabons, but you still recognize the familiar creamy cinnamon flavor. Moreover, the time spent is incomparably smaller, and this is sometimes very important. By the way, the calorie content of these buns will be less.



  • 1 packet of dry yeast;
  • 250 g of flour;
  • 50 g of powdered sugar;
  • 2 eggs;
  • salt;
  • milk - 1 tbsp .;
  • vegetable oil.


  • cinnamon powder - 1 sachet;
  • icing sugar - 50 g;
  • softened oil - ½ pack;
  • 1 tbsp. l brown sugar.

Cooking process:

  • We prepare the oven, set the heating mode to 180 ° C.
  • We warm milk to 40 ° C, mix with vegetable oil. Sow yeast in a bowl, mix with flour.
  • We combine the powder for the test with salt and eggs, pour the milk, pour the flour with yeast. Knead sticky dough, work until it stops sticking to the palms.
  • We make a kolobok from the dough, sprinkle it with flour, roll up the whole bowl with towels. In this form, put in the oven for several minutes and quickly remove. We place the bowl in a quiet warm place and wait 20 minutes.
  • During this time, we prepare the filling: just mix all the components indicated in the recipe.
  • From the approached dough we roll out the layer, spread it with the filling and twist it into a tight roll. Cut into “washers” 4 cm thick.
  • Bake buns for 20 minutes, greasing the surface with yolk.

Cinnabon Buns: A Fitness Recipe

Cinnabon buns with other toppings

One of the main distinguishing features of branded buns is that they all contain cinnamon. But what about those who can’t tolerate cinnamon or simply don’t like it? There is a way out, although it is another departure from the classic Cinnabon recipe.

Poppy seed filling:

  • poppy - 150 g;
  • 1 chicken egg;
  • 250 l of milk;
  • starch - 1 tsp without a hill;
  • sugar - 70 g.

Cooking process:

  • Melem poppy in the grinder, adding some milk. You can also erase it in makitra mogogon, as is customary in Ukraine.
  • We transfer the grated poppy into the dishes with a thick bottom, mix with sugar and milk.
  • Warm slowly for 5-10 minutes, stirring the contents. Gradually, the poppy will evaporate, swell and absorb milk. The mass will be thick and soft.
  • We wait until it cools completely, and mix with starch and egg. Everything can be used as a filling.

You can also make curd filling, or even just use jam.

Delicious buns a la Cinnabon

Chocobon, chocolate version of Cinnabon

We use yeast dough for buns, standard for products of this brand.

The difference between the chocobone and the main product is only in the filling and in the cream sauce, which the buns are watered with.


Chocolate Filling:

  • cinnamon - 2 tsp;
  • oil - 1 pack, soft;
  • 2 bars of chocolate, dark or bitter;
  • sugar - ½ tbsp. for dark chocolate and 1 tbsp. for the bitter;
  • vanilla sugar - 3 sachets.

Cream-fill with chocolate:

  • 1 bar of chocolate;
  • oil - ½ pack;
  • sugar - ½ tbsp.

Cooking process:

  • Having rolled the dough into a layer, spread the oil on it.
  • Grind the chocolate, mix with sugar, cinnamon and vanilla. All this is evenly sprinkled on top of the oil. Make buns and bake.
  • We whip the cream, crushing the smaller chocolate and grinding it with sugar, and then mixing with soft butter. Warm buns decorate with chocolate cream.

In the filling for chocobona, you can use not chocolate, but cocoa, in the same way as for pouring.

Pecanbon, Caramel and Pecan Bun

The difference between this type of synabon is that it has caramel glaze, in addition to the main, creamy, and walnut decoration.


  • 100 g pecans;
  • caramel glaze;
  • oil - ½ pack;
  • brown sugar - ½ tbsp;
  • corn syrup, light - 4 tbsp. l;
  • 20 g of vanilla sugar.

White fill:

  • sugar - ½ tbsp;
  • cream 35% fat - 350 g.

Cooking process:

  • We make buns, as usual, and bake.
  • We prepare caramel glaze: melt butter in a saucepan, pour sugar, brown and vanilla, and syrup. Cook for 5 minutes, cool.
  • Beat the ingredients for white pouring well and grease the buns. Top with caramel icing and decorate with nuts.

Cinnabon rolls are usually baked in the oven. But our mistresses, of course, tried to bake them both in the bread machine and in the slow cooker. They say that it turns out perfectly, especially since the products on top are decorated and look like real ones. Recipes have already appeared, detailing step by step what and how to do it.

Thus, Cinnabon buns are confidently included in the range of homemade cakes. You should not overuse such high-calorie foods, but sometimes you can eat something - why not?