Features raspberry variety "Brusvyana"

Features raspberry variety "Brusvyana"

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Repairing raspberries "Brusvyana" was bred by domestic breeders. A feature of this Russian variety is the ability of a berry plant to bear fruit several times in one season.

Grade description

For the variety "Brusvyana" the formation of tall, tree-like bushes is characteristic. The average height of the plant is 1.8-2.2 m. Excellent shoot formation and strong branching under conditions of high agricultural technology are observed. Shoots are powerful, thick, erect, with a small number of spikes.

The convenient location of the shoots greatly facilitates the maintenance of vegetative plants and harvesting. The first fruiting period is in June. More abundant berry formation begins in mid-August and continues until the first significant frost. During the season, with proper care, you can get three harvests of ripe and high-quality berries. Harvest in the first summer month is formed on two-year shoots. Fruiting in August is observed on young shoots of the current season.

Raspberry "Brusvyana": features of the variety

The berries on the remontant raspberries of this variety are very large, bright red in color, weighing at least 7-12.5 g, and sometimes more. Connoisseurs of berries with delicate flesh and sweet and sour taste often prefer the Brusvyana variety. The total yield from each bush is 6-7 kg. Harvested crops can be transported without risk of losing the marketable appearance of the berry. It is recommended to plant the Brusvyana raspberry variety in mid-October or April, after sufficient warming up of the soil.

Advantages and disadvantages

Raspberries of Russian breeders under the name "Brusvyana" has many advantages, which determines the relevance and popularity of this variety:

  • the density of berry pulp allows you to use the harvest for cooking jam, compotes, as well as transport the berry for the purpose of further sale;
  • ripened berries have a aligned shape and size, have a highly productive appearance;

  • features of fruiting periods minimize the need to use strong chemicals to protect against raspberry beetle and mosquito;
  • strong and powerful shoots are straightforward and can maintain direction without supports and trellis structures;
  • suitability for cultivation for commercial purposes due to the presence of excellent taste and visual appeal;
  • The variety belongs to the category of high-yielding and forms a crop twice in one season.

Like most repair varieties, Brusvyana raspberries need well-fertilized and fertile soils, as well as agricultural practices, including irrigation and top dressing.

Agricultural technology

Repairing raspberries "Brusvyana" has a fairly high agrotechnical data. PWhen cultivated on almost any type of soil and regardless of climatic conditions, the yield declared by the originator of the variety is perfectly preserved.

However, when plants are planted in conditions of significant shading, the overall productivity indicators suffer very much, and in winter, even freezing or complete death of the apical part of the shoots is possible. Given the tallness, the standard distance between the bushes during planting should be at least 1.5 m, and in the aisle - more than 2.5-3 m.

Optimal microclimatic conditions at the cultivation site allow to obtain high productivity. To cultivate the Brusvyana variety, it is necessary to isolate a site that accumulates solar heat in the summer and is protected from the cold wind in winter. For the full formation of two crops per season, it is recommended to use a drip irrigation system.

The main care for raspberries is to regularly revise the shoots and timely remove excess growth on the bushes. It is important to feed organics, as well as phosphorus-potassium complexes, in a timely manner. Watering should be regular and plentiful. After watering or rain, you need to loosen the soil. Optimum conditions and conservation of soil moisture are achieved by mulching the soil around the bushes.

We also suggest that you familiarize yourself with the technology of planting raspberries in a trench way.

Reviews and recommendations of summer residents

Raspberry "Brusvyana" is quite popular and has become the favorite of many gardeners. The flesh of the berry is sweet and sour, fragrant and saturated, therefore the reviews on the taste qualities of this variety are extremely positive.

How to care for raspberries

Summer residents growing this variety describe it as forming berries weighing up to 7-8 g, with shoots 1.5 cm thick and yield even with high agricultural technology no more than 4 kg from the bush. By the first fruiting, the berry is large, tasty and transportable. Raspberries of this variety have excellent shoot-forming ability. Experienced gardeners recommend tying up shoots, which completely eliminates plant damage as a result of gusty wind.