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What to do if rot has appeared on the fruits of pepper

Hello! Tell me, please, how to help pepper? Peppers grow in the greenhouse along with cucumbers, large and beautiful bushes have grown, but rot has appeared on the fruits. What to do? How to save a crop?


Vertex Rot Another disease that often affects peppers is vertebral rot. Its signs are deep spots, black, or a shiny shade, and as a result, the pepper rots directly on the bush. Sometimes the appearance of apical rot is accompanied by watery areas with a pronounced smell of rot. The root cause of the disease is a lack of moisture, as well as a large amount of calcium and nitrogen in the soil. Control measures: The methods of dealing with this ailment include abundant watering. A good way to eradicate the disease is considered to be spraying with calcium nitrate. During the fight against the disease, it is necessary to destroy infected fruits by burning.