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What kind of pest is gnawing cucumbers and melon

Someone gnaws cucumbers and melon. What a creature, who knows?


A photo?

Photo to the studio))

go hamsters)) Angers, upload a photo in the comments.

We also gnawed melons, I thought hedgehogs, then I saw a neighbor cat nibbling a cucumber, now I doubt the melons. We do not have hamsters.

I had a Siamese cat - in the morning you go to open a greenhouse and he sits there - eats cucumbers !!!! And growls when you try to get it or take a cucumber

Well, you can feed your cats with cucumbers))) they drive the mice, try ... .... they would have aphids and ants dispersed ... they wouldn’t have a price

we have a neighbor cat brings all the mice from the forest, has already gifted all the closest neighbors

loves. feeds.

handsome !!!