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What to do if magpies eat strawberries

Good day. Magpies began to eat whole strawberries. Who faced How to fight?


Scarecrow and ribbon hang developing.

We made arcs from fiberglass reinforcement and on clothespins on it a strong mesh from birds.

pegs and net).

Hang CDs (shine probably scares them) we fought so hard

Only the grid !!! Any chicken scarecrow for exactly half a day !!!

from anyone discs will help but not from forty!)

I pulled the net and one crow or forty more does not fly to the site

The sea buckthorn gathered to compete with the magpies, until they told me to hang an owl’s drawn head on a pole. I stuck it on the ceiling tile, apotomized my head with huge eyes. Magpies flew around sea buckthorn and were afraid to sit down.

Cover with the thinnest covering material.

Personal advice for those who close the net - do not buy thin from the fishing line, it is better to the old slave where and big bumblebee and bees fit. And never press it firmly to the ground, otherwise you’ll be tormented by hedgehogs from the net to dig out (they crawl into strawberries for slugs and snails .... well, whoever has bears and mice ...)

It may seem to someone in a cruel way, but we shoot them. Very harmful bird. Especially in the villages. In winter, even cows peck. So it is necessary. After one or two lost brothers, they begin to be afraid.

Yes, sometimes in a different way and in any way I think .... they peck both cows and cats and dogs ... In our village there were 2 pairs, they didn’t bother anyone, but now each of them has three chicks - it’s not funny anymore ... cats don’t have access at all ... It would be a shotgun !

buy an inexpensive air rifle. For example, MP-512. Increase accuracy in shooting and get rid of pests so to speak pleasant with useful

Stick bag

until I manage the slingshot)))

not a bad option

Thanks to all. The first year I decided to plant strawberries, and then these birds. We have a huge number of them. Beer cans on sticks do not help. Yesterday I watched as the jars glisten and rattle in the wind, and this reptile (magpie) walks between these sticks and eats strawberries. I will do the grid !!!

you would see my ridges)))) there is generally a holiday! Music of wind from sunset covers and keys, shiny turntable, tape recorder !!! Ehhh disco! All animals in the district fled, And these hens do not care

In such cases, we attach a dead crow to a long pole. After that, the ravens did not foot.

ride with ravens, no magpies ((