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Repair raspberries

I bought a seedling of remont raspberries on a mini-market (Karachevsky nursery, Bryansk region), but, frankly, the result is not happy yet. The plot was shown on television, where the shoot is 50-70 cm, the berry is large, juicy. And I have, as I bought 30 cm, and it remains, the berry is small, the size of a blackberry. Do not tell me what to do so that the stem itself grows, maybe and the berries will become normal?


Good day! This problem is often encountered by many gardeners. In order to get two or three crops from raspberries, you need to plant it correctly, and take care of it.

Firstly, we’ll determine the place of landing: if you live in an area with a temperate climate, then raspberries need to be planted in a sunny, well-warmed place, where the snow melts very first. We land away from any buildings. If the climate is hot, then choose a shady place.

Secondly, the soil. Do not plant where raspberries were previously grown, the soil will be depleted. Loose soil with humus is better.

Third, take care correctly. DO NOT loosen the soil, constantly water. Especially when rafts begin to appear on raspberries. Remove new shoots that have appeared. If possible, feed the plant. Then it will grow tall (be sure to make backups), and will delight the fruits.