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How to save a Chinese rose (hibiscus) Is it worth it to prune under the root

In the spring from work, her husband brought a Chinese rose of 130 centimeters. All winter she stood indoors, in the office, that is, no one watered or cared for her. But she still looks alive, not dried up, even the leaves on several branches are still alive, but some are scary, twisted, and in the pot some white fleas also jump. I am very sorry for the plant, can it still be somehow saved? What do you think? Maybe it’s possible to prune under the root, or better to plant it in open ground?


Natalia, first, take the rose out of the pot, look at its roots. Are they alive? is there rot? Rinse them well, and transplant them into new ground. Pruning should be done, but not just under the root, but approximately like trees, leaving 2-3 buds on each branch. Put the rose in the shade, on the street, water as the earth dries. And there it will be seen 🙂