Radish "French breakfast": variety description and cultivation technology

Radish "French breakfast": variety description and cultivation technology

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Radish "French Breakfast", or "French Breakfast", is a popular and early variety of radish, which is quite actively cultivated by summer residents and gardeners in our country. The cylindrical shape of root crops of this variety has long been loved by many beginner gardeners and experienced vegetable growers.

"French breakfast" is recommended for cultivation in open ground, and also has proven itself when cultivated in greenhouses and with the use of film shelter. Subject to growing technology and favorable conditions the period from seedlings to the collection of root crops completely ready for use exceeds 27 days.

Varietal characteristic

Root crops are formed of very high quality, with pronounced uniformity, of an attractive cylindrical shape. The average root length does not exceed 6 cm with a diameter of 2.0-2.5 cm. Ripened root crops have a bright red surface with the presence of a white tip characteristic of the variety.

The leaf rosette of a vegetable crop is direct and powerful enough. The pulp of root vegetables has a moderately dense consistency, crisp, tasty, without the formation of bitterness or voids. The harvested crop perfectly retains its presentation for a long time. The variety can be used for re-sowing, belongs to the category of all-season and has excellent resistance to shooting in the presence of adverse growing conditions.

Landing requirements

In order to grow such a vegetable crop as radish, which is so popular in our country and abroad, it is necessary to divert sunny and well-warmed areas from which snow mass leaves in the earliest possible time in the spring.

This crop prefers planting and growing on light and loose soils, which can significantly reduce the risk of radish shooting. Before sowing the prepared seed material, the areas represented by acidic soils must be subject to liming, since otherwise the vegetable crop can be affected to a large extent by the keel.

Radish "French breakfast": growing

When growing the French Breakfast radish in the soil and climatic conditions of central Russia, sowing can be carried out from May to mid-July. Seeds germinate at temperatures of 1–2 ºC, but for normal development and full growth, plants need a temperature regime of 15–18 ° C. Sowing can be carried out only after the soil has thawed enough and warmed up.

Radish seeds can be sown in pre-moistened furrows relatively densely, with a depth of 2 cm. The standard row spacing should be at least 15–20 cm. In warm and sunny weather, seeds can germinate on the third day. After the appearance of two true leaves, seedlings are recommended to thin out. Vegetable yield will depend on compliance with growing technology and weather factors.

Growing and harvesting

Radish is quite demanding on regular irrigation. The lack of moisture in the soil often causes bitterness and coarsening of the pulp of root crops. However, it should be remembered that abundant watering of radishes after a long dry period can cause massive cracking of root crops. The frequency and abundance of irrigation completely depend on the temperature indicators of air. On dry and hot days, watering is done daily.

In order to ensure balanced nutrition for the vegetable crop, herbal or nettle infusions should be used as top dressing, as well as the systematic application of compost or humus with the addition of a small amount of wood ash.

In order to protect against diseases and pests, it is not recommended to use strong chemical insectofungicides, it is better to carry out protective treatment of radish plantings with folk remedies, including spraying tomato or potato tops with the addition of chopped laundry soap. A good result is the cultivation of radishes under spandbond or other nonwoven covering material.

Reviews of gardeners

The growing season for growing French breakfast radish is quite short, which allows you to get early vegetable products with minimal time and effort. Reviews of gardeners and experienced vegetable growers about this variety are very positive.

The French variety "French Breakfast" from the manufacturer Clause is very popular among consumers due to its excellent taste and marketable appearance. The pulp is white, tender, with high juiciness, spicy, with a slightly spicy taste, perfect for summer salads. However, when growing this variety of foreign selection, it should be remembered that root crops in the soil should not be overexposed, expecting that a very large mass will set.

Radish: planting and care

Experienced gardeners prefer the sowing of radish seed from the seed originator. As a rule, such seeds undergo preliminary selection, adapted to the organic type of cultivation, have the highest possible immunity and are able to form high yields even in adverse cultivation conditions.