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What are the methods of combating late blight on tomatoes

Hello. What do you know the means and methods of combating late blight on tomatoes?


look through the tape or go to my page there is.

And I have such trouble with potatoes ((((

I spray with Ordan.

Walk well with Akrabat once, then after two days, sprinkle milk well, straight so that it flows from the leaves (1 liter of milk, 3 drops of food per 10 liters) ... and then two days later with salt water also onto the leaves (2 tablespoons per 10 liters) ... and give root phytosporin-m ... and that's it) for a month you can sleep peacefully))

is it a mockery?

But not a lot of salt? Such a solution will kill the roots. Maybe two TABLE SPOONS, not TWO GLASSES ??? Here iodine needs 20 !!! drops, + liter of milk + laundry. Soap 20 gr.

I have 17,000 tomato bushes now, and I’ve been doing this for 4 years now, and this is the most ideal solution that they came up with ... 1: if you add 20 drops of food and water the leaves very hard, then the leaf burn was provided, there was already such a sad experience ... .2: such a solution of salt is necessary on the leaves and not on the root !!! This gives us a protective shell ... .3: but the soap does not add because the sweat the salt solution ceases to protect the plants !!! I myself am not faceted, but I live in such a region where the largest greenhouses of Russia are located, and there are a lot of these facets ...

it’s just he’s trolling! And you don’t need milk but whey ... And salt is not needed at all ... Comrade jokes

lying ... how breathing ... Do not listen to him! This is a troll

if you treated the leaves with serum at least once in your life, then you should have noticed that there was a greasy trace on the leaves !!! And this greasy layer interferes with photosynthesis !!! milk, and only milk!

don’t make me nervous! Tell me how much milk do you need for your roots? And where do you get it? And the fat content is the same as that of milk, that of whey ... connoisseur ...))))))))) )) I found someone to argue with!)))

milk solution consumption for 2000 bushes 8 liters

8 liters of milk, 80 liters of solution

and I live in the Caucasus)) we have enough milk)) say one fat? such as you mislead people .... caring for a couple of bushes and consider yourself agranomes)))

I have 200 bushes ... our family has enough. Fat content from milk does not disappear, if not separated ... I have 20 goats and 4 horses. You don’t have to drive me. Your advice is stupid and aimed at destroying small landings! What would your pumped tomatoes buy ... It's a shame

Natalya, salt beets ALWAYS water twice. The first time when 3-4 leaves, the second when beets with walnuts. Maybe mine !!! the land of salt is not enough, but the beets are always excellent. Everyone has different things, I guess.

I admire 20 goats! Respect!

Tomatoes are sprayed with a salt solution not for the purpose of prevention, but when there is already a place to be late blight. From the salt the leaves curl up and dry up ... Only the fruits remain ...

honestly, I didn’t want to offend you with something, we always take skim milk ... I probably just didn’t finish it, or you misunderstood it, and after the whey there is always a greasy layer ... and most importantly, we didn’t take into account, I talked about already grown tomatoes , mine already started to pour ... you grow it for your own consumption, and I grow large quantities, I promise you tomorrow that I will drop my plants on a personal, and see how well they look, and what fruits they have, 200-250 grams each, no marriage , all as a selection ... no chemicals forbidden nico I don’t use it, there are incantations of analyzes of the soil and fruits of the year, I will also show ...

for 4 years this has not happened yet))) what are you talking about? it may be there, they get married, we have all the rules))

apologies are accepted ... henceforth, do not mislead urban residents ... who really want to grow several bushes for children and grandchildren. Pro salt is generally a separate issue ... and if there is excess there and still livan ... everything will die.

salt, ideal for prevention !!! Agronomists of the largest greenhouses in Russia think so, and you doubt it

I already told you that I’m not an agronomist, but we will treat it with salt once a month, and on the leaves ... just literally a week ago I went to one teritsa, they have a terrible trouble, this rot has already struck the stems, there’s not even a single bush there is no such ...

So much talk, but nothing practical. So I sprayed with a honey-containing chemical, all the tomatoes turned blue. And how to reanimate them now? Even the heavy rain did not wash away this blue. And how are they now?

“Agronomists of the largest greenhouses in Russia” who are they? They still do not water it, agronomists ... with this salt have already got it, chesslovo. I would write right away, pull it out and throw it away. A panacea for everything ...

this is SOUTHERN AGROKOMINAT)) it’s just sometimes necessary to step over pride and give people who have worked in this field for 30 years)) we always have time to pull out and throw out)) I’ll tell you how I once read an article about how to get rid of thrips)) so here’s one the person advised to wash each plant manually with soapy water, each leaf))) and at that moment I realized that there are no limits to the fountain of people)) each person has his own opinion)

but sometimes you have to step over the principles and listen to people who know))

Marinochka Orlova pour your tomatoes with phytosporin -M according to the instructions. I save that. I haven’t heard about salt, we don’t water tomatoes with salt

1 liter of cheese, 9 liters of water, 10-15 drops of iodine, already picking tomatoes.

I agree with the milk solution, in the suburbs the first means of prevention. 10 liters of water 1 liter of 1% milk and 5 drops of iodine

Svetlana, I agree completely! The matter is in the lactic acid bacteria of the serum that suppress phytophthora. For lack of serum, a liter of kefir + iodine in a bucket of water.