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What to do if, after processing with a Bordeaux mixture, the tomatoes become rusty

Hello! Two days ago I sprayed my tomatoes with a Bordeaux mixture, and now they seem to have rusted over. Both the leaves and the trunks are rusted. What is it? Is it really burned? Yesterday I sprayed with plain water, hoping to wash off this mixture at least a little.


I think they burned it, you need to be careful with it. I also burned so last year, this year I switched to other copper-containing ones.

How did you breed her. I burned like that for one year too. Treated then well with kefir. But half the crop is gone. It is necessary to breed it according to the instructions you need.

According to the instructions.

The color should be sky blue

Yes, that’s what happened. I didn’t know about the nail. Now I'll know. A rust than now wash off? Or is everything already hopeless?

I processed kefir with yeast. Everyday. Burned deleted. The leaves are rusty and dry. This means of course gives a 100% result. And relieves of many fungal diseases. Every time I check the sequence. Pepper then disappeared. But the tomatoes are gone. She didn’t throw bushes. Watch for three days. And treat for three days. Kefir. Do not wash it off with water.

I am writing how to cook. Take a bag with Bordeaux mixture. There are two packages. One with blue vitriol. Another with lime. We breed all separately. In different dishes. Or glass or plastic. Warm water. Then when everything is well dissolved. Pour copper sulfate into milk of lime. Stirring. Take the nail. Dunk. If there is no reddish coating on the nail. All is correct. If there. Add a little lime milk. We use the mixture immediately. It is not stored. I always forget. What to fill. I wrote to myself.

I also always confuse. What to pour forward.

The first time I divorced her wrong. So then I almost cried. But the harvest was good. Now before I breed I take my pussy and read 🙂

I so burned with iodine, nothing, got over.

I sprayed tomatoes with Bordeaux mixture and then read on the Internet that you can not spray the finished crop. What to do