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What to do with tulips after flowering

Hello. Question to lovers of tulips. We bought a house this winter, a very beautiful purple tulip from the previous owners. When the flowering ended, I cut the flower. Now, as I understand it, you need to dig a bulb. Now I'm afraid to dig it out, suddenly I’ll ruin the onion altogether. When to dig out and what to do with it? Thank you all in advance.


a little late you were going to dig it out (about a month late, though depending on where you live - if in the north, then it’s normal in terms of time). Digging occurs immediately after yellowing of the leaves (while the bulb is at rest and without roots). And now - now the bulb has already launched new roots that will feed it next year. Having dug it now - you will break them ... and you will be left without a bulb. Leave everything as it is. Dig up next year. If you really want to dig it out.

Tulips are dug up about once every 3 years, like, I didn’t dig at all for 3 years

but I don’t dig it out at all ... never ... they grow where they want ... mice drag them from place to place ... =))

It is not too late to dig out, then hold in a dark, dry place until the end of September. Then into the earth to a depth equal to the height of the bulb. That is, if the bulb is 5 cm, then the pit is 10 cm. When you cut the flower, leave two leaves. If you don’t cut, pluck the seed box

I went to dig it, but it is not there. When I cut it off, I left 2 leaves so as not to lose it. Either someone ate, or rotted is not clear.

why dig up at all

And when is it better to plant tulips, in the fall or in the spring?

for propagation and preservation of varietal qualities.

they didn’t dig out anything, it was good. transplanted and the kapets came

the bulbs eventually go very deep into the ground, so they fade and disappear — they spend a lot of energy to get out into the light, so look ... I somehow found my bulbs on a half bayonet of a shovel, I caught on time and saved a good variety ...

how do they leave ?? dig into the ground?

by the way, last year I didn’t dig out a beautiful pair of parrot tulips — this year it was blooming with the usual yellow color, this time I didn’t let it go ...


I have suspicions that they did not follow him. He was awesome beautiful, but not large

this is what I dug up at the place of the tulip. It is he??

yes, dry, in a dry dark place and at the end of September, into the ground))). and you can not touch 3 years if the color is monotonous))

why are there so many? Is the kiddie broken off? And here are two together, can they be separated?

two kids, if they don’t fall apart during the drying process, it’s better to put them together ... next year there will be 2 full onions ...

thank you so much. I would not have guessed to dig so deep! My tulip is saved

they are not buried, just new bulbs form below the old ones. So in the end it comes out - deeper and deeper.

I don’t dig out tulips at all, every May bloom elegantly