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Spraying tomatoes with late blight

Dear gardeners! I have trouble: late blight went through the tomatoes in the greenhouse. Processed by the Ordan, but the fungus stepped over the “antidote” and is taking a confident step further. There were still uninfected bushes. Maybe I didn’t spray the product so much? I am newbie. Tell me how you process? Than? What tools do you use? To what extent is the bush considered processed? Maybe I sprayed a little? Thanks!


Read the comments a few days earlier, there are recipes for the control of late blight, including I gave the composition for spraying

Thanks. Can this be treated when the late blight has already gone through the plant?

When phytophthora went on a plant folk remedies do not help, try profit Goldon stops phytophthora

Yes, when the tomatoes are already damaged by late blight, after a week a maximum of 10 days, the treatment must be repeated. I myself recently learned this recipe and have already applied it, too, in despair, nothing helped, but this composition helped.

Oksana, did you find the composition? Send me please

Maybe write again, if not difficult, very interesting, please.

Let me try on my page to give a link from late blight, if it doesn’t work, I will write here.

May I reset your recipe?

Irina's recipe. Found you not to look! The following composition treats phytophthora and how prevention helps: 10l. Water + 1 L. Urea + 1 tsp. Boric acid (dissolve in a small. Number of mountains. Water) +1 tsp. Copper sulfate (dissolve in 1/2 cup of hot water.) + 2, 5h. L. Sulfur (dissolve in a small amount of hot water, shake well in a small jar with a lid) + potassium permanganate on the tip of a knife (pink solution), mix everything well and spray the tomatoes.

Treatment by treatment, but try to figure out the cause of the disease. Surely you have been watering in the greenhouse in the past two weeks.

No, I didn’t water it. We have a film greenhouse. Her hail tore. We darned it as we could. But it still flowed in the rain. And also, it seems to me, I densely planted. The first year we started growing. Here we learn from our mistakes)

And how many times have they been treated for prevention?

I walked in the greenhouse once with Profit Gold and hung out iodine. I thought iodine was enough and didn’t touch it anymore. Now I realized that I was wrong)

I have tomatoes in the open ground, in the greenhouse there will probably be enough one treatment according to the proposed recipe, there already look at the state of the plants.

I have everything in OG. Once a week I process HB-101, profit-gold, phytosporin in turn. Bye pah-pah.

It is very good. In my garden, too, pah-pah-pah. From time to time I pass Profit Gold on tomatoes. I wish everyone a great harvest and never come across this muck! Better to play it safe 10 times.

And in our village, the profit of gold is not found найти

Natalya, where do you live? In what field?

Don't tomatoes need to be watered?

What for? moisture to breed? What do you think, how many cm are you able to wet the earth with a strait? Tomato is a powerful plant and its roots are capable of reaching depths where moisture is sufficient for it.

That is, there are no problems with underfilling with tomatoes? You do not water in the greenhouse from the moment of planting? I water in the aisle, above the ground is always dry at the same time. When I clean the bushes - I do not see the deep penetration of the roots, they are superficially located, especially if they are planted lying down.