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Recipe for String Beans

Friends, I have a harvest of green beans this year. Already froze enough. And today I’ve brought an armful. Maybe share a delicious recipe with green beans? I will be very grateful. Thank you


Olya, take a recipe on my page, I did last year, the whole family really liked

The recipe is not for preservation, immediately eat. In a pan, fry a couple of large onions, boil green beans and cut into 3-4 parts, drain the water and protrude the beans into a pan with onions, warm them, put a small piece of butter in the end. You can fry a couple of tomatoes and a couple of sweet peppers with onions, and then pour the beans there. Experiment!

Thank you so much. Today I’ll do it

Look on the internet. String beans with egg, eat with nuts.

Boil and freeze, and in the winter anything. And fry eggs and herbs with onions and cook the soup and stew with anything or make a sauce, such as spinach

And how you grew it, I grew such thin pods about 5mm in diameter, and only 4pcs of 5 packs sprouted.

There was an epic with beans. Planted in May. From the cold and rains did not rise. I bought seeds, planted again. After that, the family left for the Crimea. We arrived, and here came the old and the new, and of different varieties. I had to put props. In general, she did not care specifically. Fluttered, watered and fed a couple of times. Paulista beans from the gardens of Russia.

Thank you

You can still meat sauce with green beans. With potatoes and onions. Gives a special taste.

Thanks, and what fed

I try to use only mullein in the garden