Recipe for making at home secondary wine from Isabella pomace

Recipe for making at home secondary wine from Isabella pomace

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Grapes are not only refined and healthy berries, but also the main raw material for the production of various alcoholic products. Home-made Isabella pomace wine is a popular drink. To get a tasty product, it is enough to properly prepare the raw materials, observe the cooking technology and provide the necessary storage conditions.

Features of making the "second" wine from Isabella

If the "primary" wine is made from pure grape juice, then the main ingredient of the "secondary" wine is cake. Since the quality of the product is significantly affected by the condition of the raw material, it is recommended not to squeeze the berries dry. Thanks to this, the bones will not be crushed, and the bitter tint will not be present in the drink.

Experienced winemakers advise keeping the coarse skins of Isabella grapes in the cake. Since a peculiar aromatic taste is given to the drink by the substances contained in the peel.

What is needed for the recipe

Making an exquisite drink at home is easy. The main thing is to adhere to the recipe. To get wine you will need:

  • sugar at the rate of 170-270 g per liter of cake;
  • 15 kg of berries;
  • drinking water (in a proportion of 250-300 ml per 1 kg of cake).

Since the berry bouquet of the wine will be distinguished by peculiar notes of strawberry smell, spices or spices are not additionally used.

Preparation of raw materials

For the preparation of cake, ripe and juicy berries are used. The bunches are sorted out, removing fruits damaged by fungus or mold.

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It is not recommended to wash the berries, since it is on the surface of the skin that natural wine yeast is found.

The berries are plucked from the bunches, kneaded and poured into a bottle. The container is covered with a woven cloth to provide ventilation, exclude insects or midges from entering the product. Place the bottle in a warm, dry place. The grapes begin to ferment in 3-4 days. To prevent the appearance of mold on the surface, the contents of the bottle are stirred 2-3 times a day.

For the preparation of secondary wine, a mixture of squeezed fruits is used. It is recommended to use the resulting pulp immediately to prevent the onset of the vinegar souring process.

How to make Isabella pomace wine at home

At home, it is easy to make a delicious "secondary" wine from the cake, which will not be inferior in taste to the "primary" drink. It is important to follow the cooking technology.

  1. The cake for fermentation is laid out in a container.
  2. The grape product is poured with sugar syrup, mixed.
  3. The container for fermenting the cake is placed in a dark and warm dry room.
  4. As soon as the pulp loses its rich shade, the product is squeezed out, and the liquid is poured into clean bottles.

The containers with the drink are placed in a cool dark room or basement to complete the fermentation process. The wine is ready to drink in 4-6 months.

Storage terms and rules

Homemade wine made from grape pomace can be stored for several years (approximately 4-4.5 years) if the product is stored in the correct storage conditions. The optimum storage temperature is 8-11 ° C. The room should be dark and dry. The bottles on the racks are placed horizontally so that the corks do not dry out.

Isabella grapes belong to the table and technical. It is not difficult to take care of the vine, and the wine turns out to be unusually fragrant. Therefore, the variety is popular with summer residents, and there are many recipes for self-made wine.

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