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What to do if large amber smudges appear on the plum trunk

Good day. Please tell me, large amber smudges appeared on the plum trunk. In appearance and in consistency they are very similar to hardened resin. What could it be? Is it dangerous for plums?


Gum detection

I don’t know how for wood, but in childhood we chewed this resin with great pleasure

Gommosis (gum detection). This is a sign of improper care. Of course it’s dangerous. Treatment needed. Better attach photo

I also remember))) yummy

Natasha, there’s also such a thing on cherry that I can’t understand the wrong way ... It seems that they write about the wrong pruning, but I have about 30 cm from the ground and there was no pruning ... what exactly is wrong, what do you think?

Do you have a photo? Gum flowed on my drain, I think I overfed it ...

well i can do tomorrow

Kamedetechenie, unfortunately I could not cure and the five-year plum disappeared

here is such a thing ... From what can be, overfeeding is excluded)

Of course, I can’t say with 100% certainty, maybe this is cytosporosis? Read on the Internet

or klyasterosporious lesion of the bark ... Did not notice the multiple holes on the leaves?