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How to cook cucumbers in tomato juice and cucumbers in mustard dressing

Hello dear gardeners! For a long time I want to make cucumbers in tomato juice. Share the recipe. And for my husband I want to try cucumbers in mustard filling. Give recipes.


Peas, bay leaves, garlic, dill, horseradish root. 500 gr. Chilli ketchup with 1.5 liters of water bring to a boil add 1 cup sugar, 2 tbsp. tablespoons of salt, 0.5 cups of vinegar. At the bottom of the jar, cut all the spices and cucumbers into 4 pieces in length and put into the jar. Pour over the neck and sterilize for 15 minutes. The time is indicated for half liter cans. Very tasty)

Here are the cucumbers in mustard

I have not in tomato juice, but with tomato paste. Loved everyone. My recipe. tomato paste -3 tbsp. rmaslo-0.5 tbsp sugar-75 g salt-1.5 tbsp hot pepper (fresh) -1 boil for 5-10 minutes cucumbers- 2kg garlic- large head Pour the cucumbers cut into quarters in the sauce, sprinkle 0.5 tbsp of salt, insist 4 hours (if cut finer, then 2 hours) add vinegar (1 tsp to a 0.5 l jar) and chopped garlic, mix. Arrange in banks and sterilize for 20 minutes.

and cucumbers are not very sharp?

And it depends on mustard. We take the mahei mustard.

and if mustard powder?

and if without sterilization. can they somehow be boiled?

I can’t say anything about him, haven’t tried

and cucumbers are obtained in a muddy solution?

without sterilization begin to turn sour

in muddy

aah, I see

Here is my recipe! We make the usual tomato juice. Cucumbers are washed and cut lengthwise into 6 slices, put into liter jars ... pour the juice into which 2 liters of sugar and 1 tablespoon of salt are added to 1 liter of juice, pour cucumbers and put in sterdized for 15 minutes. Spices to taste.


crispy and moderately pungent, everyone likes

and soaking cucumbers before pickling?

is it possible without sterilization? Your recipe is generally simple

And what is the problem of sterilization? .Put in a large saucepan on a rag and boil. Well, about 10 minutes for 0.5 is enough. If you boil, the garlic will change the taste. And the cucumbers will become soft, and here you get crispy.

I don’t like to sterilize ... fiddling a lot

Well, if only pour boiling water twice ... and a third time with juice!)

good idea ... and boil the juice?

1 liter for how long is enough

if it’s not right from the garden. Soak sluggish ... bought

no ... i have fresh

this is the smallest in this recipe. They have jars of ready-made contents for themselves and boil themselves slowly. I got it, I wrapped the lid and that's it. Well, I usually turn upside down. I use only screw covers. I do not use seaming.

Well, I'm screwed too ... thanks for the advice ... I will do it tomorrow, I will ask questions as I go ...

there is always enough pouring any 1 liter per 2 liter jar ... I do in liter jars ... then into two liter jars. If sterilized ... then pour juice over the shoulders!

tomorrow I will do in liters too ...

yes with salt and sugar!)

I take in Tape the cheapest tomato juice (I don’t have enough of my own tomatoes), cucumbers are poured with boiling water for the first time, and the second with boiling spices and a spoonful of vinegar 6уса

and vinegar is not necessary?

I sometimes for the sake of fidelity add a little ... everything depends on the tomatoes ... In the calculation of 3 liter of juice I can add 1 essence of essences

For 5 liter cans, 2 tbsp of salt, 1 cup of sugar, 1 cup of vinegar 9 percent, 1 cup of chili ketchup, no seasoning, 1 jar of garlic, 1 dill, sterilized in a jar. not necessary, delicious crispy piquant. Stand well, do not explode

and ketchup than it is necessary to part?

put cucumbers in liter sterile jars, pour cool boiling water, cover with lids, cover with a towel, for sterilization, stand for about 20 minutes, then drain the water from the cucumbers, put on fire, add salt, sugar ketchup, boil for about 5-7 min, then pour vinegar bring to a boil pour into cans and roll up, then be sure to wrap up very tasty cucumbers. 5 cans of water 2-2.2 liters

vinegar or essence

vinegar 9 percent

thanks… . really want to try ... but there is a recipe for cucumbers in mustard filling

I haven’t tried it in mustard, but I do it every year, it tastes good and it’s good, it doesn’t explode, most of all, the cans are hard, the roofs are hard and the ketchup marinade

I tried another ketchup, it turned out less piquant, better ketchup chili