Description of the variety of cucumbers Mamen's pet, features of cultivation and care

Description of the variety of cucumbers Mamen's pet, features of cultivation and care

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Increasingly, gardeners are using parthenocarpic varieties and hybrids of cucumbers for planting in their plots. One of these varieties is Mamen's favorite cucumber. It bears fruit well in closed greenhouses and in open areas.

Variety characteristics

Mama's pet is a hybrid from crossing two different varieties. The bush is determinate, parthenocarpic, therefore it grows and bears fruit in the open field and in the greenhouse. There are few leaves, so the plants do not shade each other. Early ripening, after planting the seeds in the ground, the first fruits ripen in 45 days. Limited in growth, few shoots. With bundle formation of ovaries.

In greenhouses, it is grown vertically for the convenience of inspecting plants for diseases. Also, when growing vertically, it is convenient to care for plants. Grow horizontally in open beds. A peculiarity of the hybrid is that it can be grown on a balcony and even a windowsill, since it does not need insect pollination. It blooms mainly with female flowers, therefore the variety is high-yielding.

Description of the fetus

The fruits of the gherkins are small. An adult fetus weighs only 90 grams and is 8-10 centimeters long. The cucumbers are neat, light green, slightly ribbed. The entire surface of the fruit is covered with sharp white thorns. On the side of the flower, they have light stripes that do not reach the middle of the fruit. The taste is sweet; when cut, the fruit lacks a seed sac and voids. With proper watering and feeding, the cucumber lacks the taste of bitterness.

The fruits are suitable for universal use - they can be pickled, salted, used fresh. Also, Mama's pet is often used for growing on an industrial scale, due to keeping quality and resistance to transportation over long distances.

Hybrid growing methods

Since Mamen's pet f1 cucumbers are bred for cultivation in indoor and outdoor areas, as well as at home, there are many cultivation methods:

  • growing in open beds;
  • on the balcony or loggia;
  • in a greenhouse under temporary shelter;
  • in a closed greenhouse.

Outdoor cultivation involves sowing seeds and caring for growing plants.

Before sowing, the seeds are disinfected, soaked for germination and planted in the ground. Planting times vary from region to region, but weather conditions should be appropriate for the variety. So, the daytime air temperature should not drop below 22 degrees, and the nighttime below 16 degrees. If this condition is met, delicious cucumbers will surely grow on the beds.

Plants are planted in the greenhouse earlier, in late April, early May, provided that the night frosts have passed. If frosts are still expected, it is better to play it safe and heat the room where the seedlings grow with a heater.

At home, cucumbers are planted on the windowsill all year round. Since this plant is thermophilic, therefore, it is necessary to prevent drafts, waterlogging or drying out of the soil, provide access to lighting for the plants, otherwise the seedlings will get sick and develop poorly.

Feedback from amateurs who planted Mama's favorite

Nina: “In the winter I decided to grow cucumbers on the windowsill, after reading the reviews of gardeners, I bought the seeds of Mama's pet. Planted before the New Year. In February, the whole family ate cucumbers. Zelentsy are tasty, small in size. The main requirement of this variety is proper care and watering, as well as creating conditions at home suitable for growing cucumbers. In April I will put them in a garden bed and see how they behave there. "

With proper care, Mama's pet will give a good harvest when planted in any place.

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