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What can be cooked from tomato

Good day. Advise what can be made from tomato? Pickled and canned do not eat. A lot of both red and yellow-orange. Thanks in advance.


You can freeze.

To fade.




Horseradish, lecho, ketchup, juice, pizza sauce, cut into circles and freeze for pizza

“Horseradish snack”, she, apparently, “Gorloder” 100 gr. peeled horseradish roots, 100 gr. garlic, 2 kg tomatoes, pass through a meat grinder, add 1 tablespoon of salt and sugar, mix. I put them in sterile jars, do not twist, put them in the refrigerator. I don’t know how much to store, we have not delayed for a long time))

You can even jam.

I cut into cubes and froze. I cooked tasty ketchup, I thought we had enough. But I still cook)) because it’s delicious, we already eat it)))

MARINATED AND CANNED DO NOT EAT .... Remain pickled in barrels ....

Plant a little to eat. The whole excess tomato will have to be preserved - and you do not eat this. Of course, freezing is an option, but it will be jelly, after defrosting, it is unlikely that you will eat this.

Adjika, Eggplant in adjika, Juice, Tomato, Ketchup, Lecho, Salads, etc .; etc.

Make squash caviar, a lot of tomato goes there.

I would make of them ... goods)) and the market. Good tomatoes are always in price)

a horseradish without horseradish is done. Tomato, garlic, salt, pepper. Garlic to taste, whoever loves.

Hello, do not tell me the eggplant recipe?

cut three kg of eggplant in circles of one cm. Three kg of tomato, one kg of pepper, pepper, three pods of hot pepper, scroll in a meat grinder. Scroll the three heads of garlic separately. Mix all the vegetables except garlic and eggplant, add two glasses of sugar, one hundred grams of salt, a glass of oil grows., Mix, boil. In boiling eggplant mass, cook for twenty minutes. Add garlic, one hundred grams of vinegar 9%, cook for another ten minutes, put in sterilized jars, roll up, wrap for a day. Can be stored at room temperature

I'm making tomato juice from the excess 🙂

Tomato Sauce - Consolidation!

Scroll in a meat grinder and freeze in molds. This, of course, is what remains after ketchup and adjika ...

Frozen well, you can immediately make the juice with a blender and cook the sauce. I always do that. Sometimes there is no time for sauce in the season, I freeze it, and then cook it.