The recipe for freezing for borscht with beets for the winter

The recipe for freezing for borscht with beets for the winter

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The preparation of borscht in winter and summer is always different. After all, in the summer, fresh tomatoes, zucchini and bell pepper pods are added to your favorite dish. In winter, vegetables are expensive, and not every housewife can afford to add such ingredients to borscht. Therefore, freezing for cooking borscht for the winter has long been mastered by experienced housewives, and most of them make such a preparation immediately with beets.

Features of freezing borscht dressing for the winter

Pre-prepared dressing significantly reduces the cooking time for your favorite dish in winter. Now you do not need to cut vegetables, and then simmer until tender, because everything is already provided in the dressing. The borscht preparation is simply defrosted and added to the finished broth with cabbage and potatoes.

Important! Only fresh raw ingredients are used to prepare the dressing.

Boiled frozen beets, suitable for making salads and vinaigrettes, but they are not put into borscht.

Required Ingredients

Each housewife probably has her own signature recipe for her favorite dish. Therefore, when choosing ingredients for freezing, one should proceed from the tastes and preferences of the family. Someone adds celery or parsley root to borscht, while others cannot stand their taste.

Consider the basic recipes for making freezing, which at any time can be adapted for yourself, and add your favorite components to them.

To prepare the blank, you will need the following vegetables:

  1. Root crops of carrots and beets - 0.7 kilograms each.
  2. Tomatoes and multi-colored sweet pepper pods - 0.7 kilograms each.
  3. Onion heads - 0.7 kilograms.
  4. Tomato paste.
  5. Add herbs and spices to taste.
  6. Salt, sugar, pepper are added as desired.

Advice! The ratio of different ingredients of the dressing is indicated approximately, each housewife adds vegetables and seasonings at her discretion.

How to freeze borscht properly

To begin with, the constituent dressings are thoroughly washed under running water and peeled. Seeds and partitions are removed from peppers, tomatoes are peeled if desired. To do this, the vegetables are cut, scalded with hot water and the skin is removed.

Now we choose the method of grinding the ingredients. Someone likes vegetables cut into strips, and someone loves cubes. Also, often root vegetables for borscht are passed through a grater, and tomatoes are chopped in a blender.

The crushed components of the workpiece are mixed, seasoned with pasta and spices, and laid out in portioned sachets or containers. The flavorful borscht mix is ​​now ready for long-term storage in the freezer.

If the hostess is used to adding stewed or fried vegetables to the borscht, then before freezing the mixture is placed in a frying pan with vegetable oil, seasoned with spices and tomato paste, and brought to readiness. After the dressing has cooled down, it is divided into portions and sent to freeze.

Advice! For storage, send portions for one preparation of borscht so as not to defrost the rest of the preparations.

In what container to store the workpiece

To store the workpiece, it is best to use small plastic bags with locks or special portion containers. Having packed the mixture in this way, you do not have to defrost the entire winter preparation.

Chopped vegetables release juice, which, when frozen, glues the ingredients into one large, ugly lump. To prevent such a nuisance from happening, the first 3-4 hours of finding vegetables in the freezer, shake the bags or containers at intervals of 1 time in 30-40 minutes. This will prevent the ingredients from turning the mixture into one large lump.

Terms and conditions of storage

Store the prepared dressing in refrigerators or freezers at a temperature not exceeding -18 degrees. Subject to the temperature regime, vegetables are stored in this state for up to a year. If for some reason the freezer has defrosted, you should try to use the gas station as soon as possible. If vegetables are re-frozen, the appearance and taste of the ingredients will deteriorate, which will lead to the loss of beneficial components and vitamins.

Defrosting rules

10-15 minutes before cooking borsch, frozen vegetables are removed from the freezer and thawed. If the hostess fries the dressing before adding it to the first dish, then 5 minutes is enough for defrosting. Already fried, frozen dressing is taken out of the freezer 20-30 minutes before adding it to the borscht.

It is not recommended to defrost and re-freeze the workpiece, so as not to lose the appearance and taste of the ingredients.

Having prepared the borsch harvest for the winter, the hostess will facilitate the process of preparing her favorite dish, and significantly reduce labor costs.

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