TOP 2 recipes for cooking cucumbers in cabbage leaves for the winter

TOP 2 recipes for cooking cucumbers in cabbage leaves for the winter

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In winter, you always want to pamper yourself with vegetables and fruits, so many people harvest various preparations all summer. For example, the usual pickled cucumbers can be salted in cabbage leaves for the winter.

Required Ingredients

It doesn't take a lot of ingredients to pickle cucumbers in cabbage leaves. You only need cucumbers, cabbage, herbs and spices, water. You will also need salt, sugar and vinegar.

Before salting, all vegetables are thoroughly washed, cabbage leaves are separated. From spicy herbs, you can use dill, horseradish leaf, currants, cherries, basil. Jars can contain cloves of garlic, cloves, or mustard seeds.

Step-by-step cooking steps

Cooking pickled cucumbers in cabbage leaves is very simple.

Preparing cabbage and cucumbers

Rinse the fruits thoroughly, separate the cabbage leaves from the fork. Place all ingredients on a towel to dry out the water.

How to securely wrap cucumbers

Each fruit is wrapped in a cabbage leaf. So that he does not turn around, the cucumbers are laid out vertically. Pour boiling water over the jars for 20 minutes.

Brine preparation options

Brine options:

  • Pour salt, sugar and vinegar into a jar, then pour boiling water over the workpiece.
  • Pour sugar and salt into boiling water, bring to a boil. Pour vinegar into the jars and pour in the marinade.

Banks are sterilized before laying vegetables and pouring marinade.

Filling and sterilizing cans

Jars for the workpiece are pre-sterilized. A little water is poured into the kettle and brought to a boil. Then a jar is placed on it and sterilized with hot steam for several minutes. Then put vegetables and fill with marinade.

Close the cucumbers

Cover the jars and tighten. Place them upside down to cool. When the blanks are at room temperature, they can be sent to the cellar.

Recipe without sterilization

Cucumbers in cabbage can be cooked without sterilization. For this, spices, dill, currant and cherry foliage, and mustard seeds are placed on the bottom. Then spread the cucumbers and immediately fill them with the finished marinade. Cover with lids and roll up. Only the shelf life of such a blank is shorter.

Storage rules and periods

It is recommended to store the finished preservation in a cool and well-ventilated place away from sunlight. Salted jars are lowered into the cellar or basement. You can also put them in the refrigerator or on the balcony if it is not glazed. The shelf life of pickles is about 2 years.

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