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Cabbage recipes

Dear gardeners, tell me what to do with cabbage? It has grown a lot, everything does not fit in the basement. Maybe there are recipes for preparations or freezing.


If there is a large freezer, you can chop the cabbage, put it in clean bags and freeze it - an excellent solution for winter. Just do not defrost before cooking - put ice cream directly in the soup. This is my second year with surplus cabbage and beets.

Hand out to the needy, to the church ...

Sell?) Mom fermented, said that it will be cooking cabbage soup, we have 40-liter pots fermenting cabbage

Frozen whole heads of cabbage ... wrapped in newspapers. If there is where such a bulk store, of course

Natasha Sky! Literally today in the same branch, here: about it pee a little

We head out in the cold until March.

We drove nails in the cellar on the shelves, wrapped the cabbage in cling film, laid it out in vegetable nets and hung it. Eat until summer

Try this cabbage: we cut 3 kg of cabbage in large layers, 3 kg of carrots on a Korean grater, squeeze 3 heads of garlic on a garlic press, lay in a jar in layers. We boil the brine: 1.5 l of water, 3/4 cup of sugar, 2 tbsp of salt, 1 cup of rasta butter, red pepper on the tip of a knife, 3 laurels, 1 tsp of vinegar 70%, pour into a jar. You can eat in a week. We store it on the loggia, but not for long, because everything quickly settles down. Delicious.

Natasha, of course, you can and should freeze part of the cabbage for future cabbage rolls and hodgepodge. But since you have spawned a lot of cabbage, then there is the opportunity for experimentation. I want to offer you a recipe for harvesting cabbage. Such cabbage remains crisp all winter. It is used as a snack, tasty and moderately salty. They also stew, fry, cook cabbage soup and borsch. And if you rub the face with the juice of a workpiece every day, then soon notice the disappearance of small wrinkles. The skin becomes smooth and supple.

You will need:

  • Cabbage - 16kg
  • Fresh carrots - 1kg,

For brine:

  • Pure water - 10l.
  • Coarse salt - 1kg

Prepare a brine, for this we heat the water in a container and dissolve the salt in it. Remove top leaves and stalks and chop cabbage with a knife. Grate the carrots on a coarse grater. In a volumetric basin, mix carrots with cabbage without grinding.

Fold portions of chopped vegetables in a cooled brine, keep there for 5-10 minutes. Take out and transfer to another container, do not destroy the brine. Then lay the cabbage in a clean, sterilized jar, ramming it tightly. If you use a wooden barrel or an enamelled large pan, then just go there immediately after brine. In the case of cans, cover them with plastic lids and leave them in the kitchen all night. Take to the cold in the morning. Check if the brine formed during the night is not enough, add the brine from the previously stored one.
The taste of this workpiece is lightly salted, which is very convenient to use in winter. In the case of cooking cabbage soup or borscht, it is enough to add salt.

We also have a cabbage this year, but it’s so good that you don’t know where to put it. I left as much as I could keep fresh, and the rest was plagued by pickles and winter preparations. Recipes sea, choose different, but I do. And in winter, what a beauty, open the jars and try. In my experience, the most delicious recipes are “Petrovsky” cabbage and “Pickled sweet and sour red cabbage”, especially delicious red cabbage, flies off the table at a time. It is done very simply: the cabbage is cut very large, the beets are sliced, the cabbage is placed in a jar, mixed with beets, the top is garlic and poured with brine. To prepare the brine as follows: add salt to water, 3 tablespoons of salt, 5 tablespoons of sugar, a few bay leaves, 0.5 tbsp. 6% vinegar, you can add peas of black or allspice.

Try an old folk recipe for soaked cabbage. He is outrageously simple. Take a regular wooden tub (it is advisable to place it immediately in the cellar), small cabbage and apples are small. Transfer the straw to the bottom and spread a row of cabbage mixed with apples. Then again straw and kochny / apples and so fill to the top. Next, fill this entire structure with cold (icy, if any), slightly salted water. You can add sugar fry, cranberries and so on.