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Greenhouse heating

Good day. People tell me who used infrared ball heaters to heat the greenhouse? 6 * 3 I want to supply 2 pcs per 0.8 kW so that the night temperature is maintained at 20 degrees, from the outside of the greenhouse -7. Cope no?


Sergey, recently this option of heating greenhouses is gaining popularity. You have a greenhouse of standard size 6X3, two infrared heaters with a power of 0.8 kW will not be able to maintain the desired temperature. Do not forget, -7 for winter is not a chapel. Winter is just beginning.

You will have to choose IR heating with a power of at least 1.2-1.5 kW, and you will have to choose the size of the devices. In your case, heaters are 1.7-1.8 m long with a flow diffusion angle of 100-200 degrees. Infrared heaters with such parameters will easily maintain the temperature regime of the greenhouse all winter, even in the most severe frost. If you decide to add the area of ​​the greenhouse, you will have to choose IR heaters of other parameters. I also advise you to read the article: How to choose the right heaters for greenhouses. It will help you understand the choice and subtleties of heating greenhouses.