Description of the cherry variety Toy and characteristics of fruiting, cultivation and care rules

Description of the cherry variety Toy and characteristics of fruiting, cultivation and care rules

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It is not at all difficult to grow cherries on the site; you need to take into account a few simple requirements and choose the appropriate type. After examining the description of the Toy cherry variety, the summer resident decides whether to plant it in his garden or not. This is a hybrid, among its positive qualities are excellent fruit taste and high yield.

Description of the Toy variety

This hybrid was created in Ukraine, in 1996. The combination of cherries and cherries is not always effective, but not in this case. The toy inherited the best characteristics from its parents, Lyubskaya cherries and Sunny ball cherries. It is resistant to frost, unpretentious, has an average immunity to diseases. Having studied the description of the variety, the gardener will not make mistakes when growing.

Characteristics of the variety

To get a complete picture of the species, you should study the characteristics that the Toy cherry possesses. They will help you understand if such a berry is needed in the garden, or if you should look for other varieties of cherries.

Description of the tree

An adult tree, subject to all the rules of planting and care, grows up to 7 m. The crown is wide and spreading. The bark is gray, flaky, brown and smooth on young shoots.

The foliage is very large, dark green in color. The flowers on the tree are white, self-fertile.

Cherry Toy does not give off shoots, so its reproduction at home is impossible. The same seedling cannot be grown from a seed, since it will not inherit maternal qualities.

The tree is resistant to low temperatures, but many summer residents cover it for the winter as a safety net.

Productivity from 1 adult tree is 45-50 kg, subject to agrotechnical requirements. Fruiting is stable, annual.

Description of fruits

The main thing for which cherries are grown are the berries that it gives. Their characteristics are of particular interest to gardeners.

Description of berries:

  • weight 9 g;
  • the color is dark red;
  • the shape is heart-shaped and round;
  • the pulp is juicy;
  • the skin is thin;
  • the bone separates well;
  • cherries store well and can be easily transported over long distances.

The palatability of the fruit is at the highest level. The hybrid produces large berries that are suitable for any type of consumption.

Growing and care

To grow a hybrid on the site, you do not have to work hard. The tree has excellent characteristics, including unpretentiousness and undemanding care. Toy grows on any soil, responds positively to complex feeding.

Cherries are placed at a distance of 3.5-4 m from each other, since the tree grows tall.

Formation is mandatory, remove branches that are affected by diseases, deformed or grow inside the tree. Each year in the spring, the branches are shortened by 1/3 part. This helps to increase the yield.

Water as needed, at first, in dry weather, water once every 10 days. Then moisturize less often, but more abundantly. An adult plant is watered 3-4 times per season, the rest of the time the culture has enough natural precipitation.

It is required to protect the trunk from rodents for the winter. To do this, it is wrapped with roofing material.

Pests and diseases

The danger to the fruit tree is posed by insect pests and diseases. Together, they destroy the crop, and with it the culture itself.

It is best to process in early spring, before the buds bloom, or in late autumn. If insects attacked during fruiting, chemistry cannot be used. They use folk methods of struggle.

Traps are set for insects, the content depends on which species the gardener is fighting with.

Planting cherry blossoms Toy is a win-win option. This is due to the fact that the tree is fruitful, unpretentious and resistant to bad weather.

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