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How to save garden blueberries

Is it possible to save garden blueberries? She planted garden blueberries 4 years ago, the bushes do not develop, they dry, the leaves are very poor. It does not develop and does not die. The soil is acidic (horsetail grows nearby), I water it with vinegar once a month according to the instructions.


Neighborhood of horsetail is not an indicator of the norm of acidity for blueberries, blueberries feel comfortable with more acidic soil - with a pH of 3.5-4.5. Therefore, it is necessary to check the pH. In areas with a pH above 5.5, blueberries do not grow, have light green leaves. The reason for this phenomenon is the lack of assimilation of nitrogen, in such conditions mycorrhiza on the roots of blueberries does not work. Also, the reason may be an excess of water due to the creation of "wells" with acidic soil in clay areas without worrying about good drainage.