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How to grow beans

Tell me, please, what fertilizer does beans like? How to water it and what are the best varieties of beans? And yes, when is it better to harvest? In what month? And I want to plant beans, but I don’t know anything about it.


It makes no sense to list the varieties of beans, since more than 80 varieties are known depending on the species. I will advise how to choose the desired variety. First of all, determine the type of beans: shelling (grain), semi-sugar, sugar (asparagus). Next, we determine the form: bush, semi-climbing and climbing. The variety should be chosen depending on the edge of your residence, by the maturity of the variety. The farther from the south of Russia, the earlier varieties you choose. For example, early ripening ripens in 65 days, mid-early ripening takes 65-75 days, medium-sized varieties - 75-85 days, mid-ripening ripening in 85-100 days, well, later varieties require more than 100 days.

Also, the calendar landing dates differ depending on the region of Russia. In the southern regions this is the second half of April, for the middle lane - the second half of May and for the northern ones - the beginning of June.

Beans do not require special feeding. Just prepare your landing site in advance, preferably in the fall. Dig the soil with humus and ash. With regular watering and the right neighborhood (potatoes, corn, etc.), beans will produce a plentiful harvest.