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What kind of basil to choose

Last year, I planted two varieties of basil - green “Explosion” and purple “Mauritian”, they germinated very poorly, tell me which is the best variety. Suitable for growing in the Vologda Oblast.


Basil has many varieties, but they are all divided into two types: green leaves and purple. I think your problem is not in the variety, but in the wrong agricultural technique. It is very difficult to get a full-fledged basil by direct sowing in the open ground in spring. Even in the southern lane, you have to cover the area with sown basil with plastic wrap, since during the sprouting period this crop is very sensitive to temperature changes.

Basil seeds are sown in a container and seedlings are grown for 1.5-2 months indoors at a temperature of at least 20-25C. To get strong friendly shoots, seedlings are dived a week after emergence. In open ground (peat, wood ash, humus) planted in the middle or at the end of May, depending on weather conditions. Choose a well-lit place, as in a darkened place, it loses its essential oils, which leads to a decrease in aroma.

If you want to grow basil immediately in the open ground, then sow the seeds in the summer, in June, when a constant temperature of 20-25C is established. Watering is done in the morning, 2 times a week, in moderation.