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What to do with strawberries

Hello. I have a question. Last year, I planted strawberries, and this year there are many bushes without a flower carrier. Large leaves and a mustache produces a lot, but there will be no strawberries. What's this? Could it be completely removed and her antennae while they have not yet taken root?


Tatyana does not want to upset you, but the truth cannot be avoided. You have come across the so-called weed varieties. For example, weed plants grow due to the untidiness of the gardener. When harvesting, they leave baked or non-salable berries. Such berries next year, under favorable conditions, from the seeds give seedlings with characteristics not inherent in this variety. Propagation of such seedlings (mustache) gives plant clogging by plants with dissimilar characteristics to the cultivated variety.

Weed varieties that do not produce peduncles at all or throwing flowers out are also known to stop their development: oak tree, blind man's pendant, pendant, bakhmutka. There is only one solution for these types of weeds - complete destruction, including whiskers and rooted rosettes.