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Someone in the Moscow Region was growing pineapple apricots

I remember them from childhood. No apricot tastes better. Compared with them, apricots are ordinary like potatoes. But strangely I do not see them in the gardens. Once I was told that this is a moody and laborious variety. Also afraid of frost. Therefore, in the suburbs it is not there.


Nora, apricot variety Pineapple mid-season, quite successfully grown in the suburbs. By the way, in comparison with other varieties, it is not so moody in cultivation. And quite frost-resistant, and even after freezing it is well restored. Indeed, as you write, it has high taste. Most likely, you do not meet this variety due to the low keeping quality of ripe apricots (1-2 weeks), which cannot upset the gardener. Especially those who grow for sale. In addition, the Pineapple variety has the property of shedding fruits after overriding. Part of the crop is lost.