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How to grow pineapple

Is it possible to grow pineapple at home. I'm not talking about a whole bush now. I saw that they were grown directly in the pot at home, someone even thought about this or tried it maybe.


Nina, I told my experiment with growing pineapple a little earlier. See the thread below for questions. I didn’t succeed. But I will not argue that this is impossible, because I did not carry out the correct agricultural techniques for growing. Communicating on forums of gardeners, I saw the results of other people's experiments. People posted pictures of grown pineapples at home. True, by their recognition, they are inferior in size and taste in comparison with the usual pineapples for us. Try to grow yourself, there are many instructions on agricultural technology on the Internet. Even if you can’t grow the pineapple itself, the leaves of the plant themselves look beautiful. This will be an interesting experiment for you.