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Peat and chernozem - how to distinguish and how to use on the site

We bought a black soil car in the garden already planted everything before. How can it be used and how to distinguish peat or chernozem?


Let's understand what these two mixtures are.

Chernozem is a fertile humus soil. Used to improve the composition of the poor in soil minerals. Take black earth in your hands and gently squeeze it into a fist, you will see a “thick” black print on your palms, a sign of fertility of the earth with a high content of humus.

Peat - in nature is formed in swamps from decayed remains of plants and animals. It is used in the form of fertilizer, combustible material and in construction as a heat-insulating material.
How to distinguish chernozem from peat: Wet a handful of each mixture, then wring it out tightly, and leave to dry. Chernozem can keep moisture, the more fertile the soil, the longer it holds moisture. Peat dries very quickly, as it can absorb a lot of water, but does not have the ability to retain water.

You need to know that peat and chernozem are used mainly in the mixture. Black soil is mixed with peat, sand, sawdust, manure and garden soil (3: 1), depending on which plant the soil is being prepared. Peat is mixed with garden soil and humus to give soil friability and fertilizer.

If you want to use chernozem on your site, then in autumn scatter it with a layer on the surface and plow the site. In spring, the soil will be ready for planting. If there is no way to wait for the fall, then also prepare part of the landing area.