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How to get rid of a bear in a vegetable plot

How to get rid of a bear in a vegetable plot?


When fighting with a bear, you need to use several methods at once, both folk and chemical, then there will be a result.

  1. Deep digging of the earth.
  2. You can create a false nest, make a hole 50x50 and fill it with manure, in the autumn they dig it out and destroy the bear, which settled there for the winter.
  3. The crushed shell from eggs with vegetable oil is poured into the mink, eating such a treat they die.
  4. The most commonly used method is ammonia, 10 ml are diluted. in a bucket of water and when planting plants is poured into the holes.
  5. Repel the bear and pungent odors from calendula, marigolds.
  6. “Poisonous cereals” are also prepared from barley and millet, buckwheat. In such porridge add vegetable oil and any insecticide that you have.
  7. Now electronic scarers with ultrasound are on sale, and you can use them simultaneously with other methods.

Have a good harvest!