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Rose dies - how to save

Rose dies - how to save

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Help! The rose dies, this bush has grown from a “grand prix” stalk for three years and has pleased with abundant flowering, and we see that this spring the buds first appeared good-large, but at the end of May the leaves were covered with yellowness and black spots blossomed in the spring with some kind of hybrid flowers, and now generally tiny little roses! I won’t know what to do, but a rose is very sorry! Maybe someone faced such a problem ?! Please tell me! in the first photo what it looks like now, and in the second - it's a year ago!


Your rose is stained with black spotting. Prolonged wet weather contributes to its spread. What to do? First of all, cut off all damaged leaves and branches, burn. Spray the bush with a preparation containing zinc and copper: Captan, Fundazole. Before winter shelter, spray with copper sulfate (3%). To prevent the disease from the beginning of spring, spray with Topaz, Hom or Fast. Powder dusting of bushes with wood ash also helps.