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Growing Venus Flytraps

Recently I ordered seeds of venereal flycatchers on the Internet (a photo of these seeds is attached), I decided to try to grow this very exotic plant, because I really like these. I bought peat soil and created all the conditions necessary for this plant, however, as soon as the sprouts sprouted, a day passed and he died. I tried again to plant the same thing. On the Internet I looked at the forums, and no one has encountered such a problem. Dear summer residents, please help! What am I doing wrong that sprouts die as soon as they grow up? Perhaps my seeds were bought incorrectly, which is most likely excluded, as I bought on a proven and popular site. Thanks in advance!


No site gives a 100% guarantee on the quality of seeds. You may have come across diseased seeds. In this case, it is enough to disinfect them, soak them in a weak solution of potassium permanganate before planting.

Another reason may be improper soil selection. A flycatcher in nature grows on swampy soil with a pronounced lack of nitrogen. The plant receives nitrogen from the eaten insects. Therefore, ordinary purchased soil does not suit her.

Soil for planting must first be prepared. To do this, they will put it in a bag of dense fabric. The soil bag is washed several times with clean, preferably distilled water. Allow to dry to wet. Seeds are planted in it. After seed germination, sphagnum moss cover the soil in a pot around the sprouts.

For successful plant growth, humidity up to 70% is required, and the temperature in the room is not more than 28 degrees. If these conditions are not met, the dionea stops growing. Watering should be done only with clean distilled water.