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White flies in a greenhouse - how to fight

I got white flies (1mm) in my greenhouse. Please tell me what kind of pest and how to deal with it. Thanks.


Your greenhouse was attacked by a greenhouse (greenhouse) whitefly. Whitefly larvae feed on plant juice, so if you do not start the fight against this pest, you can lose all plantings in the greenhouse. Whitefly provokes activation of a fungal disease. Several control methods are known:

  • Fumigation of the greenhouse 2-3 times (checkers with insecticides);
  • Chemical spraying: Fufanon, Fosbetsid, Actellik (2 times at intervals of 10-14 days);
  • Biological agents. Insects feeding on whiteflies, entomophages: enkarzii, trichaporus, are launched into the greenhouse;
  • Folk remedies: adhesive tapes, a decoction of garlic and an infusion of laundry soap with pepper. Hang a few adhesive tapes in the greenhouse. Sprinkle the planting with a decoction of garlic. No less effective is spraying with a solution of laundry soap with the addition of ground red pepper.