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The leaves of the winged euonymus die

In September, the leaves began to dry near the winged euonymus. First the tips then the whole sheet. Watered, but no positive result. Beresklet 3 years. What could be the reason? Thanks in advance for your reply and help!


I suppose two reasons: a thyroid lesion or a violation of the temperature regime. The thyroid gland is very difficult to see (brown small plaques on the leaves). They suck out the cellular juice of the leaves, thereby killing the leaves. At first they turn yellow, then dry and fall off. You can’t get rid of the thyroid manually, spraying with Actellik (2 ml per 1 liter of water) is required.

The optimum temperature for growing birskeleton in the summer is 15-25 ° C, in the winter 7-10 ° C. Violation of the temperature regime leads to drying and dropping of leaves.