Good day! A green hedge was planted in the summer cottage from the mahonia holly, a very beautiful plant from the species of barberry, but it turned out to be too picky, tell me how to save it in the winter?


Magonia is a holly, not too whimsical plant; it winters well in the middle lane, and in the northwest, and even in Siberia, tolerates even snowless winters and does not burn under the spring sun. Requirements for growing conditions in magonia are the most common: breathable soil, location in the sun or partial shade, timely watering. Yes, mahonia is unlikely to endure drought on sandy soil, but if watered sufficiently, it will grow on poor soil. The only thing that mahogany does not tolerate is excessive dampness, it does not tolerate heavy swimming soils and places with spring flooding, in this area it will not grow. In good conditions, mahonia does not need additional shelter for the winter.