Description and characteristics of the tomato variety Black Baron

Description and characteristics of the tomato variety Black Baron

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A plentiful harvest of dense bushes, sweet fruits, surprising housewives with the juiciness of the filling and the variety of taste, rather simple rules of care - all this is part of the characteristics and description of the variety of "dark-skinned" tomatoes. The appetizing Black Baron tomato is included in the official tops of the best dark-fruited varieties with an unusual dark color.

Branched bushes annually delight summer residents with voluminous tomato berries, but future yield depends on the quality and regularity of watering and fertilizers.

Description of the "dark-skinned" variety, differences from other subspecies

General technical characteristics that are important to the experienced gardener growing a wide variety of tomato varieties are that the tomato:

  • mid-season;
  • high-yielding;
  • indeterminate;
  • hybrid.

The spreading branches of the bushes have a rich green color, the fleshy filling of the tomatoes is hidden by an almost black peel. The shade of large tomatoes is more like a chocolate, maroon color. Soft, rounded lines are complemented by a noticeable ribbing near the peduncle. The meaty component of the filling of sweet tomatoes is excellent for making juices, salads. Emerald stems grow up to 2 meters in height, juicy fruits of tomatoes weigh up to 300 grams, wide leaves gleam with greenery.

Those who decide to grow amazing Black Baron tomatoes can pay attention to the following advantages that distinguish the variety from the variety of tomato subspecies:

  1. Tomatoes are easy to transport, they can ripen at room temperature without losing their taste.
  2. Perfect for canning, indispensable for making tomato drinks, sauces.
  3. The fruits of this kind of tomato have unique taste and characteristics, their honey sweetness stands out clearly against the background of the tastes of other tomatoes.
  4. Hybrids have high immunity, surprise with endurance. The plant is resistant to most diseases that are fatal to delicate tomatoes.

The variety can be grown both in a limited area of ​​the greenhouse and on the open soil of summer cottages. Sowing of fragile seedlings occurs at the very beginning of spring, in the first weeks of cool March.

Experienced gardeners who have had time to familiarize themselves with the peculiarities of the "dark" variety, are advised to fill the rounded seeds before sowing with special growth stimulants. Future sprouts should stay in the vitamin bath for about 10-15 hours.

Disadvantages of the variety

Black Baron, like any hybrid tomato variety, has a number of sad disadvantages that arise when growing tomato plants. Experienced summer residents and gardeners note the following nuances of a bright variety:

  • the correct formation of the bush is a complex procedure that not all summer residents can cope with;
  • fragile branches are quite heavy, each of them needs strong support;
  • to get a good harvest, you should regularly and abundantly approve the plant with top dressing.

In addition, the plant needs frequent watering. Twice a week, the stem should be poured abundantly with liquid at room temperature, carefully controlling the amount of water used.

Growing tricks, advice from experienced summer residents

On the forums and pages of thematic magazines for gardeners, you can find not only numerous reviews of a different nature, but also useful tips.

Tricks and nuances from professionals will help beginners in the gardening business to surprise their neighbors and households with the bright results of a juicy harvest the first time. Among the foundations of successful cultivation:

  1. The deepening in the soil for planting shoots should not exceed one centimeter.
  2. It is necessary to maintain constant heat, the ideal temperature for the Black Baron tomato variety reaches 21-23 degrees.
  3. Tomatoes love the sun's rays, they do not take cloudy weather well. In the absence of the sun, additional fluorescent lamps must be used.
  4. The bushes grow fluffy, so the sprouts are initially planted at a distance of 45-60 cm from each other.
  5. Green bushes are formed into 1-2 stems, stepchildren should be removed.

The tomato variety should be fertilized with special complex fertilizing, during the season, the soil should go through the fertilization process approximately 5 times.

Reviews of experienced summer residents

Among the variety of opinions on forums and sites, it is easy to find both positive thoughts and negative impressions associated with the unsuccessful consequences of the harvest. Below are some of the reviews:

  1. I had never planted hybrid tomatoes before, I was sure that this was all chemistry and there would not be a good result. A year ago, friends treated them to such delicious tomatoes that I decided to take a chance and try. I chose the "Black Baron", the bush has grown just huge, the fruits are a fairy tale! Juicy and meaty, I advise everyone to try it!
  2. My wife constantly complained that our tomatoes are not suitable for juices and sauces. Indeed, everything seems to be according to the recipe, but the result is somehow thin and not very tasty. Planted for the beloved Black Baron, seams for the whole year ahead! Soon will plant yet, the fruits are huge, all sweet, juicy just super !!!

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