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Hunting belts

Repeatedly I saw and heard how to make hunting belts for trees. Did someone make them? I would like to know how effective they are, is it worth the time spent on this, or is it better to use other means?


Hunting belts are undoubtedly an effective tool, but only if used correctly. First of all, you need to know that such a belt surrounds the tree trunk in the spring before the dissolution of the buds. Filmed in late autumn before the start of frost (in our south they don’t shoot at all). From time to time in the summer, checking and, if necessary, changing the belt to a new one. Set to a height of 20-25 cm from the soil surface. The desired height of the belt is 15-20 cm.

Of all the types of hunting belts that I used, the most effective for me was made using glue for mice. This glue remains sticky for a long time and does not dry out. First of all, I wrap the trunk with burlap (so as not to damage the bark of the tree with glue) soaked with an insect repellent (any specialized for the garden), I wrap the top of the mat with a rope so that it falls. I pre-eat from the inside and outside I coat with glue. You can use any other adhesive material, but do not forget to check the belt after sticking for rain.