Description and characteristics of the tomato variety Katenka F1

Description and characteristics of the tomato variety Katenka F1

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On the eve of the new season, summer residents should pay attention to the relatively new hybrid of the first generation F1 - Katenka. His early maturity deserves attention. Agree that your fresh tomatoes, picked in June, are a good bonus to the variety.

Summer residents about tomato Katya

Reviews and discussions of tomatoes on the forums can say a lot about the variety. Here are a few opinions about Katenka's hybrid from summer residents.

Alena, Ufa

I grow tomatoes for sale. I prefer early varieties, they are especially in demand on the market. I grow a hybrid Katenka in the open field. I can't say anything bad about him. Seeds from Sady Rossii, good germination of seeds, description of the variety: yield, other characteristics of tomatoes declared by the manufacturer are true. The fruit taste is normal, but for early tomatoes this is normal.

Inna, Belgorod

Katenka's tomatoes are like a lifesaver for me. Every year I plant several bushes and always with a harvest. The bushes are usually all strewn with tomatoes, they are not large, but very cute: dense, even, without flaws. They start singing early, bear fruit all summer. If there is no time, I don’t remove my stepsons, the harvest only increases from this.

Description and main characteristics

Katenka is a determinant tomato intended for cultivation both in open ground and in greenhouse conditions (film, polycarbonate). The recommended region for growing in soil is the North Caucasian region.

The yield characteristic of the variety is excellent. In the open field, the yield is from 7 to 10 kg / m², in a greenhouse this figure is higher.

According to reviews, summer residents remove up to 15 kg of high-quality fruits from a square meter of the ridge.

The characteristic of the variety in relation to diseases is resistance to viral infections (tobacco mosaic) and fungi that cause apical rot, late blight, alternaria.


The color of the ripe fruit is red, the average weight is in the range 120 - 130 g. Fruits are even: round, flat-round. The pulp with good taste, rather dense, chambers from 3 to 4, contains about 4.6% of the total mass of dry matter in a ripe form.

Ripe fruits can be processed into juice, preserved whole. In most cases, summer residents grow these tomatoes for sale and fresh consumption without heat treatment in salads, slices, or addition to sandwiches.

Bushes - description and planting scheme

The height of the bushes grown in the ground is 0.6 m. In a greenhouse, this value may differ upwards. It is recommended to plant up to 6 plants per square meter of the bed. With this density, it is optimal to form a bush in 3 trunks. Leave 2 stepsons for this: one above the first flower brush, the second above it.

Care features

The height of the seedlings before transplanting into the ground (greenhouse) is from 15 to 20 cm. Katya grows better in illuminated areas, but tolerates light partial shade. The variety is responsive to potash fertilizers. Top dressing should be carried out after the formation of the first fruits. The summer resident's work on caring for Katya's tomatoes during the season:

  1. Watering at least once a week.
  2. At least 2-3 fertilizers.
  3. Weed removal.
  4. Removing stepchildren.
  5. Garter bushes.
  6. Loosening the soil between the rows.

Advantages and disadvantages

Information about the advantages and disadvantages of the variety is given in the table.

yieldpossible damage to the branches (fracture) under the weight of the fruit
transportabilityrequire a mandatory garter to the support
resistance to viruses and fungi
drought tolerance
normal fruiting in the rainy season
long-term fruiting
early return of the harvest - 80 days

Simple tips for growing a tomato in the country

Accelerate the ripening of fruits, improve the formation of ovaries, you can use food waste: milk diluted in water, juice from meat, whey. Experienced gardeners recommend watering tomato bushes with them. Watering with such food waste will partially replace fertilizing with organic fertilizers.

If you want a strong tomato bush that bears fruit all summer long, plant the seedling bush in the hole not directly, but at an angle. Additional roots will form on the stem, the more powerful the tomato root, the stronger the plant, the higher the yield.

Excessive dampness of the air in the greenhouse - late blight, apical rot and other diseases of tomatoes. You can reduce humidity with the help of regular ventilation and mulching of the beds with hay, straw or dried lawn grass.

Afraid of nitrates - use a simple way to reduce them in tomatoes, a day before harvesting, water the tomato beds abundantly with running water.


Include a productive hybrid Katenka in your list of tomatoes. The modern variety will meet your expectations for an early tomato harvest. Katya is a large harvest of quality tomatoes in your garden.

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