How can you protect and protect cherries from birds with various scarers

How can you protect and protect cherries from birds with various scarers

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Not only gardeners eagerly observe the ripe cherries to enjoy their unique taste, but also feathered gourmets. How can you protect the cherry tree from the attack of annoying birds and save the long-awaited harvest. This question interests every gardener and owner of a summer cottage.

Why you should scare away birds

Protection of cherries from birds is an agrotechnical measure that a gardener cannot do without to get a good harvest. It's a shame if, following all the planting and care procedures correctly, tasty berries will go to starlings, tits, sparrows, blackbirds and other lovers of easy money. As a result, berries damaged by sharp beaks will become unsuitable for home use or planned sale.

Danger of intrusion of birds into the garden area

The urgency of the problem of scaring away birds lies in their harmful activity, forcing gardeners to control their numbers. The more birds fly into the garden, the greater the threat they will bring, since they have a negative effect on the plant:

  1. They damage bouquet flowers from which fruits should appear next season.
  2. Break young shoots. Next year's harvest is in jeopardy.
  3. They peck the berries, pecking out the pulp from all the fruits in a row. And uneaten parts can attract various insects and provoke the development of infections. As a result, the plant will get sick and die.

But birds should not be regarded as a natural disaster. Solving this problem is as easy as it might seem. A person can, at minimal cost, ward off flying pests by resorting to folk remedies.

Basic recommendations for scaring away

If uninvited guests are found on the site, the gardener tries to cope with this problem as quickly and cheaply as possible. Killing birds would be an inhumane option, so it is recommended to fight by choosing the following methods, which are distinguished into those that:

  • cause discomfort (ultrasound, watering);
  • lower the quality of food (mordants);
  • prevent birds from replanting (thorns, nets);
  • imitate predators (stuffed animals, acoustic scarers).

Important! For effectiveness, it is recommended to alternate methods of struggle, since birds eventually get used to repelling agents.

Before taking drastic measures in the fight against birds, one should think about their benefits, since they can destroy a large number of harmful insects in the garden.

How to protect crops from birds

There are different options to protect cherries from birds. Choose the method that is most effective and does not harm the birds.

With rustling elements

A simple and common method to save crops from birds is to use objects that tend to rustle a lot. For these purposes, various improvised means are suitable. For example, household bags, cassette tapes, New Year's rain. It is important that the elements hung on the trees make good noise in a gust of wind. Then the birds will fly around the cherry trees.

Using shiny reflectors

An alternative to expensive devices is the time-tested way to scare away birds - shiny reflectors. To do this, in places where birds are congregated, hang objects that can strongly reflect the brilliance. Tinsel, discs, magnetic tape scraps, large clumps of food foil can serve as them.

Falling on these elements, the rays of the sun are refracted and sparkle brightly, catching up with fear on the birds and protecting the fruits. This technique does not always work, but it does not require large expenses.

Covering the tree with a net

Young cherries with a compact crown can be protected by using a low-density non-woven covering material that does not disturb the respiration of plants, and allows moisture, air, and light from the sun to pass through. A lightweight canvas will serve as reliable protection, while young shoots will not be damaged.

To scare away birds on large trees, it is rational to use special nets, which are an economical option, and are also easy to install and will last for more than one year. The crown under this cover will not be damaged, and even if the birds sit on the branch, they will still not be able to get the sweet berries. In addition, the grid, which has a green tint, is invisible, so it will not spoil the appearance of the garden at all.

These easy-to-use and inexpensive tools will help preserve the tasty harvest of sweet berries until ripening.

The advantage of using ultrasonic scarers

A popular achievement of modern production - an ultrasonic repeller, will provide guaranteed protection against any birds. This electronic device is capable of scaring away birds while remaining inaudible to humans. The principle of operation is the reproduction of high-frequency radiation, which is not distinguishable between people and pets, but birds are well captured.

Ultrasound will not harm birds, it will only cause discomfort, which will make them find other places to feed themselves. The range of such devices directly depends on the chosen model. The advantages of this method are the absence of human disturbance, efficiency, ease of maintenance, and low cost.

We make and install homemade turntables

One of the humane methods of getting rid of intruders is the manufacture of such a device as a do-it-yourself turntable. For this, plastic bottles are suitable as a material for the production of turntables, mills, which will work under the influence of the wind and scare away birds. You can decorate your homemade device with foil or other shiny material. Result: glitters, sparkles, makes noise - scares. The only negative is that it works only if there are wind resources.

Loud crackers and thunderbolts

You can protect a cherry tree from birds by using firecrackers and thunderbolts. The birds are afraid of sharp claps, and they, frightened, instantly fly away. It is also necessary to scare off birds using designs that are capable of imitating the sounds of predatory animals, equipped with a flash, a flashlight. A tree equipped with these simple devices will undoubtedly remain intact and inaccessible to feathered raiders.

Spraying with store protection products

The areas treated with store-bought protective preparations make the cherries continue to avoid the birds, causing a persistent reflex. To do this, buy a special gel, spray solution in the store. It is important that the composition of the product is of natural origin and is not hazardous to the crop.

Primary repellents can be used against migratory birds, which can irritate the nervous system and induce an avoidance response. For sedentary species of birds - secondary repellents, which provoke discomfort after eating. You can also spray the tops of the cherries with an infusion made from hot peppers or garlic.

This method has one drawback. After each rain, you need to spray again.Gardeners have the opportunity to independently choose a reliable and effective option for scaring away birds. Not every summer resident can afford to buy expensive equipment. In this case, you need to opt for mesh coatings or time-tested folk methods.

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