Table for calculating the yield of pork meat from live weight, how to measure and calculation by the formula

Table for calculating the yield of pork meat from live weight, how to measure and calculation by the formula

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Every person who plans to breed piglets should know what is the yield of pork meat from live weight according to the table. After all, almost every farmer raises animals precisely to obtain meat products in the future. Determining the meat yield will help determine if it is profitable to breed gilts.

Average weight of an adult pig

Before proceeding with determining the amount of meat, it is necessary to understand the average weight of adult piglets. It may differ depending on the age of the animal, its sex and size.


Most of all, the slaughter boar weighs, which is specially raised in order to get more meat in the future. They grow quite large, due to which their mass is several times greater than the mass of adult females. On average, boars grow up to two hundred and fifty kilograms.

However, if you feed them correctly, they increase by 50-100 kilograms.

A distinctive feature of boars is their massive physique. Especially large individuals belonging to the white breed. If fed properly, they will grow to four hundred kilograms. To raise such large pigs, you need to familiarize yourself with the methods of feeding them in advance.

Adult large large

Some farmers raise large females on their own, which are then sent to slaughter. Average pigs, which belong to meat breeds, grow up to two hundred kilograms. However, there are also more productive greasy pigs that are much easier to fatten. They can grow up to 300-350 kilograms. They are advised to be raised by people who are going to make money selling pork.

If a person is going to keep the meat for himself, then it is not necessary to grow meat breeds. It is enough to have Vietnamese pigs weighing up to 100-120 kilograms.

Piglets a month and older

It is not recommended to raise a pig for slaughter, since not very much meat will come out of it. However, despite this, some people do it anyway. A newborn piglet is very small and weighs only 500-700 grams. In rare cases, its mass reaches one and a half kilograms. The value of the initial weight depends largely on the breed of the pig. During the first month after birth, pigs gain several tens of kilograms. This is not surprising, since young animals have a high rate of weight gain.

How much does a slaughter pig weigh?

Novice farmers who are going to raise animals for slaughter in the future are interested in how much they should weigh. The body weight of such pigs depends on their breed, as well as on the diet. For example, white piglets are considered meat pigs. They can be easily fattened up to three hundred kilograms. If you do not limit their diet and provide food during the day, their weight can be significantly higher.

Vietnamese piglets, on the other hand, are very small. Even with intensive nutrition, their body weight will not exceed one hundred and fifty kilograms.

How to measure your weight?

Some believe that to determine the mass of an animal, it must be weighed. However, there are various ways in which you can find out the size of a pig without using a scale.

Measurement by table

The easiest way to determine weight is to use a table. It contains approximate data on the body weight of animals, depending on their length and sternum girth.

Body length, cmChest girth, cm

Calculation by formula

Sometimes a special formula is used to determine the mass of an animal. However, before using it, you will have to take measurements. The formula uses data on the coverage of the animal's chest and the length of its body. The approximate weight of a piglet is calculated as follows: 1.54 * x + 0.99 * y – 150, where x is the girth of the animal's body and y is its length.

Calculation by body condition category

To more accurately calculate the weight of the animal, take into account the degree of its nutritional status (N). This parameter differs depending on the size of the boar and can have the following values:

  • thin - 162;
  • ordinary - 155;
  • thick - 142.

The calculation is carried out according to the formula: (x * y) / N

Pig meat yield

There are three sources of meat benefit from raised piglets.

Carcasses: weight of pure meat

Carcasses have a fairly high percentage of pure meat yield. On average, the amount of meat products obtained is 80-85% of the total mass of the carcass.

Half carcasses: weight calculation

In some cases, it is necessary to determine the amount of meat obtained not from the whole carcass, but from its half. For this, the following calculation formula is used: the weight of the animal before slaughter is divided by half of the weight after slaughter and multiplied by one hundred.

The entrails

Average weight of pig intestines:

  • liver - one and a half kilograms;
  • heart - 400 grams;
  • kidneys - 300 grams;
  • lungs - a kilogram.


People who are going to seriously engage in farming on their land and raising pigs are interested in how much meat can be obtained from them. To find out, you will have to familiarize yourself with the methods for measuring the mass and calculating the amount of pork meat obtained.

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