6 simple recipes for making mulberry wine at home

6 simple recipes for making mulberry wine at home

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The original mulberry wine will diversify the home cellar and will pleasantly surprise guests with its delicate refined taste, it will not be difficult to prepare a drink at home, there are many simple recipes for making a drink from mulberry berries. Properly selected ingredients, clean spring water and good mood are the keys to success in home winemaking.

Composition and features of mulberry wine

A distinctive feature of homemade wine made from mulberry berries is the delicate, refined taste of the drink. Many winemakers believe that the taste of the mulberry drink is simple and has a modest bouquet of aromas, so they add various components to the product: mint, cinnamon, raspberries or cloves.

Mulberries have a number of advantages in terms of suitability in winemaking:

  • The berries are quite sweet, with a high sugar content, while they have a pronounced acidity.
  • Suitable for natural fermentation.
  • Contains a complex of vitamins and minerals.
  • Astringency gives the wine an exquisite taste.

The color of the finished wine is appreciated by winemakers for its rich ruby-red hue. Mulberry alcoholic drink is combined with meat dishes and pastries.

Ingredient selection rules

The first step in making homemade wine is the selection and preparation of ingredients. Basic Rules:

  • Ripe mulberries are taken for wine, unripe fruits do not contribute to active fermentation.
  • Remove rotten berries and moldy fruits.
  • Use clean, preferably spring water.
  • Dishes for mash must be sterilized, mash and wort are stored in glass containers.

To make the wine with a rich ruby-red color, ripe juicy mulberries are used, green and hard ones are removed. After the selection of the ingredients, you can proceed directly to the preparation of the drink, the recipes and proportions of the components are observed.

Important! It is not necessary to wash mulberry berries and raisins for sourdough, so the natural bacterial background necessary for fermentation will be preserved.

For making homemade wine, it is recommended to use glass containers with a volume of 10 liters.

How to make mulberry wine at home?

Each winemaker who makes wine at home carefully prepares for the process of setting the pulp for fermentation: the wine material is sorted out, the dishes are sterilized. They pay attention to the place where the wine is placed during the fermentation period. Avoid direct sunlight on the bottles, install a tight water seal and ensure an optimal constant ambient temperature.

A simple recipe for beginners

Making wine from mulberry trees is not difficult, you can take any recipe for making homemade wine from berries as a basis. In order for the fermentation process to proceed actively, a sourdough from raisins is prepared in advance, you can use "live" yeast, which must be dissolved in water with a small amount of lemon or orange juice.

For 2 kilograms of ripe mulberries, about 1.5 kilograms of white cane sugar and 5 liters of water are used.

Mulberry berries are crushed by hand, then sugar and a little water at room temperature are added, stirred thoroughly, transferred to a sterilized bottle. The temperature of the poured raisin sourdough should be the same as in the container with the pulp. After filling the bottle, the water seal is hermetically closed, the fermentation process should begin within 3-5 days. 10-14 days after the start of fermentation, the pulp is filtered through cheesecloth, the resulting wort is poured into a smaller container and left to ferment. As soon as sediment appears at the bottom of the bottle, the wine is cleaned with a tube and left to stand for another month or two.

It may be necessary to carry out another filtration, the winemaker decides for himself, assessing the state of the wine by eye. At the final stage, the drink should become discolored, no turbidity or sediment should remain.

Classic version

The traditional homemade mulberry wine recipe does not require additional ingredients. The wine is prepared on the basis of berries, sugar, water and yeast culture.

If the taste of the resulting drink seemed too simple, they try to diversify the flavor range with mint, cinnamon, cloves or other spicy herbs. Cranberries are a proven mulberry companion in homemade wine.

For the manufacture of dry wine, the amount of yeast culture is increased; such a drink should be made without adding sugar.

With mint and cinnamon

It is recommended to add cinnamon to tutina wine at the initial stage of mash formation. It is better to use a spicy spice in the form of sticks. A fragrant companion for cinnamon is mint, it can also be added to the pulp in the form of chopped leaves and flowers.

The amount of additives added depends on the taste of the winemaker. Cinnamon and mint give the wine a bright taste, mulled wine can be cooked from the finished drink by adding honey and orange, such a remedy is a proven cure for colds and viral diseases.

With raspberries

The recipe for making the most delicious mulberry wine. Mulberry and raspberry are similar in appearance, differ only in color. Berries perfectly complement each other in wine, the drink has a fresh, delicate taste, the color of the product becomes more red.

Raspberries in relation to mulberries are applied in a 1: 1 ratio. The raisin sourdough must be added to the silk-raspberry wort, otherwise the wine may not ferment. The amount of sugar can be reduced to avoid excessive sugariness in the taste of the finished homemade wine.

With the addition of white wine

Homemade blended wines gained popularity among winemakers during the Soviet years. White wine should be fortified, an additional ingredient is added after the first wort cleaning (removal of the first sediment). 250 milliliters of fortified white wine is added to a 5-liter bottle.

Mulberry wine with the addition of white wine has a tart taste and original aroma.

Fortified wine

Berry wines are considered dessert wines, the percentage of alcohol in them is minimal. To achieve a warming effect from the drink, the wine is fixed with alcohol or vodka.

The "fixing" element is introduced after the wort is distilled out. You can determine the strength of the resulting drink using an alcohol meter, immediately before bottling the finished product.

Storage rules

It is not recommended to store berry wines for more than two years. The best place for storing home bottles is a cellar or pantry. At the same time, direct sunlight should not fall on the finished product.

Be sure to check the tightness of the lids before storing the wines. The temperature in the room for storing bottles should not exceed +18 C.

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