Description of the tomato variety Nadezhda and its yield

Description of the tomato variety Nadezhda and its yield

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Nowadays, a new hybrid - Nadezhda tomatoes - is more and more common. Tomato Hope f1, reviews are mostly positive. But, and there, as they say: "in taste and color, there are no comrades." In many forums of gardening topics, this variety is gaining the maximum number of discussions.

Description of tomatoes

Tomatoes of the "Nadezhda" variety are considered early ripening, the ripening interval is about 98 days. They do not require any special treatment at the time of cultivation, in order for the yield to be higher and the growth to be better.

The plant is considered determinant, but at the same time, the height of the bush reaches about 150 cm. It can bear fruit in any weather, even small frosts will not be able to harm the yield. In any case, the yield per square meter reaches six kilograms.

The fruits of the "Lake of Hope" tomato are large, their average weight is 150-200 grams. On the inside, they are fleshy and dense, and they taste sweet. Tomatoes do not crack and hold their shape well. Thanks to this, they are excellent for fresh consumption and for preservation.

Reviews of tomatoes "Hope"

Each person, before starting to grow any plant, wants to find out from other gardeners what it is. Is it easy to adapt, what kind of crop, how much it grows, what kind of fruits and much more. For such purposes, reviews of people who have encountered all this will help. Tomatoes "Hope" f1, has a lot of reviews. Let's see what they are: positive or not.

Galina from Arkhangelsk said a lot of pleasant words about the Hope tomato variety: “My very first tomatoes are the Hope variety. My mother advised me to plant them, as each time they brought a good yield. I planted them in open ground, but when it was already constant heat and frost was not foreseen. I created a bush of two stems, and simply removed the rest.

The bush grows quickly, so I preferred to use a garter. In general, tomatoes of this variety do not require special care. I water them in the evening with settled water, weed and spud. I use fertilizers several times a season to grow better. "

Mikhail from Moscow has a slightly different opinion about these tomatoes: “I planted Nadezhda tomatoes this year for the first time. I decided to try it, many people advised it, justifying it by the fact that it is fruitful and tasty. Indeed, his fruits are quite tasty, dense. Perfect for salads and preservation. The fruits are varied in size: some were large up to 200 grams, and the rest were small.

Next year I want to try to introduce organic fertilization, they say this can affect the size of the fruit. Since the variety is hybrid, diseases do not "cling" to it. In my case, this was confirmed. For the whole season, not a single bush got sick and I did not see any pests on it. The yield is not as big as I imagined. But it was enough for me. In general, the variety is excellent. It does not require special attention and at the same time gives a good harvest. Next year I will plant it again ”.


The variety "Nadezhda" is in demand, because it is unpretentious, fruitful and tasty. It will not be difficult to plant it. This can be done both outdoors and in a greenhouse. The fruits can be used as you like. Based on the above reviews, there are no negative features in the variety. Therefore, we can safely hope for a good harvest and minimal costs, which is important.

User reviews are what you need to pay attention to, because with the help of them you can find out in advance all the nuances and weaknesses of the variety. Based on this, decide whether you need it or not.

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