Instructions for the use of Diquat and the composition of the herbicide, the dosage of the desiccant

Instructions for the use of Diquat and the composition of the herbicide, the dosage of the desiccant

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The use of "Dikvat" is considered a common method for solving agricultural problems. This substance is a pesticide and belongs to the category of contact desiccants. The drug helps to dry plants before harvesting and partially destroys weeds. The composition helps to cope with uneven and slow maturation of seed material of key crops.

Composition and form of release of "Dikvat"

The active component of this desiccant is diquat. There are 150 grams of this ingredient in 1 liter of the substance. The product is sold in cans with a capacity of 10 liters. Other drugs have a similar composition. These include "Adequate", "Abydos" and other means.

How does the remedy work

The product is quickly absorbed by green plant fragments. As a result, the active substance is transformed into hydrogen peroxide. This leads to the destruction of cell membranes and drying out of cultures.

The active ingredient is rapidly degraded in the plant. Therefore, the product is safe to use on seed plantings and for crops that are planned to be used for harvesting.

the ability to harvest at an early date and in any weather;

reducing the moisture content of the seed;

elimination of the problems of uneven or slow ripening of seeds of the main agricultural plants - this applies to sunflower, vegetable and fodder plants;

reduction of drying costs;

high rates of action - you can harvest the crop 4-7 days after processing;

no risk of washing off 10 minutes after application;

drying weeds - this simplifies the harvesting process;

stopping the spread of pathologies - this applies to white and gray rot of sunflower and late blight of potatoes.

The active ingredient of the drug rapidly degrades in crops. Therefore, it is allowed to be used safely on seed and food crops.

The spectrum of action of the drug

The product is used to kill annual weeds in orchards and vineyards. They can also handle planting of ornamental plants and vegetables. The drug helps to cope with vegetation in water bodies. It is used for desiccation of flax, clover and soybean testes. Also, the composition can be used for rapeseed, rice, sorghum.

Instructions for the use of the herbicide

The drug "Dikvat" works great at a positive temperature of + 10-20 degrees. If necessary, it can be used at lower parameters. This significantly slows down the visibility of drying manifestations. However, this does not in any way affect the effectiveness of the product. At higher temperatures, the action of the agent is accelerated. In humid weather, fog or with light precipitation, the desiccation process deteriorates after a quarter of an hour. The unfavorable conditions include the high dust content of the leaves and the dry climate.

Expert opinion

Zarechny Maxim Valerievich

Agronomist with 12 years of experience. Our best summer cottage expert.

After applying the product, the drying process takes 5-10 days. The validity period may vary depending on climatic factors, physiological structure and the degree of maturity of the crops.

In this case, the specific features of the use of the substance are indicated in the table:

PlantImpact spectrumConsumption rate, liters per 1 hectareProcessing featuresMaximum number of treatmentsWaiting period
SunflowerDrying and destruction of weeds2-3Spraying at the stage of russet baskets16
Soy2-3Processing at the stage of brown beans, with a grain moisture content of not more than 35-40%
Cereals1,5-214 days before harvest, with grain moisture maximum 30%6-10
Peas2-3At the stage of yellowing of the lower pods, with a grain moisture content of not more than 4.5%7
Rape3At the stage of browning 70% of the pods7
Legumes4-5When the seeds of the lower beans turn yellow8-10
Sorghum4At the stage of wax ripeness of seeds with a grain moisture content of maximum 25%6

Security measures

The product belongs to the third hazard class. This means that it falls into the moderately toxic category. However, it is important to use personal protective equipment when handling plants. These include a respirator, glasses, gloves.

Compatibility with other products

"Dikvat" can be combined with ammonium nitrate and urea. In this case, it is important to do a test mixing in each case. It is recommended to apply the tank solution immediately after production.

Drug analogs

Effective analogues of the remedy include:

  • Reglon Super;
  • "Registan".

"Dikvat" is an effective agent that helps to dry out plants and helps to cope with weeds. For the composition to work, it is important to strictly follow the instructions for its use.

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