Instructions for use and composition of the fungicide Karamba, dosage and analogues

Instructions for use and composition of the fungicide Karamba, dosage and analogues

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Fungal diseases constitute a significant part of all diseases affecting crops. Their pathogens are literally everywhere. They do not have to wait for a favorable hour for long, since precipitation, a cold snap, an insect bite or a broken leaf are a sufficient impetus for an outbreak of incredible fungal activity. A fungicide from the world famous producer, Karamba, protects rapeseed from this scourge.

Composition and form of release of funds

The antifungal effect of the drug "Karamba" is based on its active substance metconazole. The fungicide is produced by the German concern BASF. Packing - 5-liter plastic cans. Concentration of metconazole: 60 g in 1 liter of aqueous suspension.

Principle of operation and purpose of application

The main crop, in the care of which "Karamba" is used, is winter and spring rapeseed.

Metconazole has a dual effect on the plant, as a fungicide and as a pesticide:

  1. It penetrates into plant tissues and destroys pathogenic fungi in it. This is due to blocking the synthesis of substances and membranes vital for the pathogen.
  2. It restrains the growth rate of the crop, protecting spring rapeseed from shooting, and winter rape from an excessive set of vegetative mass. Skillful use of the preparation forms the structure of the oil plant necessary for obtaining a high yield. As a result, the root system of rapeseed is strengthened, which affects the increased resistance to lodging. Uniform flowering and amicable ripening of the pods creates the most favorable conditions for harvesting.

Metconazole is highly adhesive. This prevents it from being quickly washed off by sediments. Since “Karamba” spreads throughout the entire body of the cultivated plant for several days, its roots and newly formed vegetative parts are also protected by the fungicide. Rapid penetration of the product under the outer cover of the plantation excludes its destruction under the influence of sunlight or weathering.

In the organism of the plant "Karamba" remains active for 6 weeks.

Processing time

Winter rape is treated with a fungicide in the fall, after the formation of 4-6 leaves in the culture. Purpose:

  • prevent rapid growth and pulling of green mass;
  • strengthening the root;
  • prevention of phomosis and alternaria.

In the spring, both winter and spring rape are sprayed against diseases, to suppress growth in height in favor of better branching of the stem and strengthening the root system. The height of the plant, ready for treatment with the fungicide "Karamba", is 20-25 cm, pods appear in the lower tier.

Pesticide consumption rate and instructions for use

Depending on the density of crops and the volume of the ground mass of plants, the amount of solution used ranges from 200 l / ha to 400 l / ha.

The table gives the dosage for 300 l of the diluted suspension.

DiseaseSignsCultureRate "Karamba", l / ha
AlternariaBrown oblong spots on stems and pods. The seeds lose their luster, become thinner, shrink, and have a defective shape. On the leaves, the spots have a variety of outlines. Curled up, they dry up. The pod leaves open, the middle plate is separated from them. In the presence of moisture, a moss-like mass of fungal spores appears.Spring and winter rapeseed.0,75-1
SclerotinosisAfter the snow melts, a plant opens, immersed in the thickness of the white or gray cotton wool of the fruiting body of the fungus. The delicate parts of the culture rot or dry out. The death of the whole plant is also possible.Winter rape.0,75-1
FomozNumerous dark spots on the leaves grow. Concentric rings are likely to appear, especially on older sheets. A black coating of spores remains on the fingers when touched. Complete leaf fall is possible. Young and ripe fruits are affected.Spring and winter rapeseed.0,75-1

Re-processing is possible after 60 days, not less than 55 days before the start of the harvest.

The preparation of the solution is difficult due to the poor solubility of the fungicide "Karamba" in water. It is required to adhere to the sequence:

  1. Pour 1/3 of the water norm into the tank.
  2. Switch on the hydro-mixer and add the concentrated suspension "Karamba" by a stream to the container.
  3. Knead for about 10 minutes.
  4. Add the rest of the water and continue to dissolve for another 5-10 minutes.
  5. Shake the mixture continuously while spraying.

Safety precautions when using the drug "Karamba"

The product is slightly toxic to beneficial insects and microorganisms. It is dangerous for aquatic inhabitants, disintegrating for a long time in the aquatic environment and not evaporating from its surface.

During the first work with the drug, no negative effects on the skin, respiratory organs and vision were found. However, during prolonged sessions with the fungicide "Karamba" and during repeated operations with it, it is necessary to use protective equipment. Recommended to wear:

  • chemical gloves;
  • closed clothing or chemical protection suit;
  • closed shoes;
  • tight-fitting goggles with side protection.

While spraying the fungicide "Karamba", they do not eat, drink, smoke, talk, or lick their lips. Also, do not touch the skin, eyes and hair with your hands. Before lunchtime and at the end of work, open areas of the body are thoroughly washed with soap and water, clothes are left away from food, feed and places where people stay.

Storage terms and rules

Fungicide "Karamba" is usable for 5 years. It is stored in a ventilated, cool, sun-proof room under lock and key. Unacceptable near:

  • finding heat sources;
  • carrying out works causing sparking;
  • the presence of faulty electrical wiring or included electrical appliances.

Possible storage temperature: not lower than 0 ° C and not higher than +30 ° C. It is required to avoid contact of the drug with static electricity.


There are preparations similar to the "Karamba" fungicide in terms of their effect, which fight against fungal diseases of rapeseed and other crops. Some of them are indicated in the table.

ManufacturerActive substanceDrug name
Defenda (Ukraine)metconazole, 60 g / l"Camisole"
BASFepoxiconazole, 56.25 g / l

metconazole, 41.25 g / l

Metconazole, 80 g / l

Pyraclostrobin, 130 g / l

"Karamba Duo"
Syngenta (Switzerland)200 g / l azoxystrobin, 80 g / l cyproconazoleAmistar Extra, UK

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