Grapes "Hope AZOS": description and features of cultivation

Grapes "Hope AZOS" refers to table varieties and ripens in the early medium term: 125-130 days pass from the beginning of the growing season to harvest. The hybrid form was developed for cultivation in the Russian climate, which is characterized by inconsistent weather and a relatively short summer period.

Selection history

The originator of grapes under the name "Hope AZOS" is the GNU Anap ZOSViV SKZNIISiV. The hybrid form was obtained as a result of breeding work on the crossing of the parent varieties Moldova and Cardinal and was included in the register in 1998 for cultivation in vineyards in the North Caucasus region. The author of this rather successful interspecific hybrid is N. N. Apalkova.

Grade description

Grapes "Hope AZOS" ripens mainly in late August. A detailed description of the variety, as well as the photos characterizing it, are given by the author and originator of the hybrid form.

Plant characteristics

The “Nadezhda AZOS” grape bushes are vigorous, shoots reach a height of 3 m. Vine ripening rates are high and can vary from 2/3 to 6/7 of the total length. The total volume of fruitful shoots is on average 83%.

The leaves and tops of young shoots on the bushes are characterized by intense, dense cobwebly pubescence. The leaf blade is large. Leaves are five-lobed, with deep dissection. Petiole notch open. Each shoot has an average of 1.4 clusters. Flowering bisexual. On the shoot no more than one inflorescence. The bunch is large, conical or branched, loose, weighing from 450 to 710 g. The peduncle is medium in length.

Characteristics of berries

Grapes "Hope AZOS" forms elongated-oval or short elliptical berries in black and blue with full seeds. The weight of the berry can vary from 5 to 8 g. The flesh is crispy, fleshy, covered with a medium-thick skin. Taste good. The taste is quite simple. Sugar content from 15% to 17%, acidity not more than 7-8 g / l. The tasting score of fresh grapes is 8.2 points.

Advantages and disadvantages

Hybrid "Hope AZOS" has the following positive characteristics:

  • good transportability;
  • frost resistance is increased and reaches -26 ° C;
  • very large, aligned and beautiful berries;
  • berries with wasps are not damaged;
  • high rates of marketability of the crop;
  • resistance to mildew, gray rot of berries, increased resistance to oidium.

The disadvantages are the weak rooting of cuttings and insufficiently high productivity, not exceeding 7.8 t / ha.

Grapes "Hope AZOS": the features of the variety

Landing rules

For grapes of the hybrid form "Hope AZOS" fertile and light soil with high-quality drainage and a close location of groundwater are required.

The rules for planting grapes are as follows:

  1. It is recommended to plant plants in the spring, after the soil dries and warms up. Landing in the southern regions is recommended to be carried out from May 5 to May 20, and for the northern regions, the optimal period begins from mid-May.
  2. In order to further protect the vineyard, it is advisable to plant berry and fruit plants that will contribute to snow-keeping in the winter.
  3. Immediately before planting, the root system of the seedling should be soaked for a day in water at room temperature, and then shorten the main roots to the bottom of the heel to 15 cm and completely cut out all damaged and dry roots.
  4. For landing, pits of standard sizes should be prepared in advance: width from 80 cm to a meter, and depth to the entire thickness of the root layer.
  5. In the pit, it is necessary to make a mound of soil substrate, which should include soil, humus or compost, superphosphate, potassium chloride or potassium salt.

At the grape seedlings installed on the embankment, the root system should be straightened, which is filled with nutrient soil and spilled abundantly at room temperature (1 bucket). The lower kidney of the plant must be located at the level of the soil surface.

If the grape seedlings are planted correctly, then after some time new shoots form on the plant, and the root system begins to work in full force.

Basic care

Timely and proper care is necessary for the grapes "Hope AZOS" for the full development and formation of a high yield. The right measures for plant care in the first time after planting are very important and are as follows:

  • it is best to water the bushes not superficially, but using pipes dug between plants, spending four buckets of warm water on each bush with the addition of 500 g of wood ash;
  • main watering should be carried out in early spring, after removal of the winter shelter, as well as a week before flowering and immediately after flowering of the vineyard;

  • the soil in the vineyards must be regularly freed from weeds, and also loosened to improve aeration;
  • young and already fruiting grape bushes need fertilizing with fertilizers, which can be used as ready-made complex compounds, as well as organics with the addition of humate and superphosphate;
  • to prevent damage to the vine by diseases and pests, preventive treatment of the vineyards with fungicides and insecticides should be carried out.

When growing grapes of this variety, the trellis method is used, which involves tying the vine to the supports.

Grapes of the hybrid form "Hope AZOS" should be formed, calculating the load on the bush in the amount of 35-45 eyes and 25-30 shoots. The best option is a one-arm cordon with a stem of 110-120 cm with free overhang of the vine. Pruning of the fruit vine is recommended to be short, for 2-4 eyes.

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How to grow grapes

Reviews of winegrowers

Grape varieties "Hope AZOS" quite successfully grown in the vineyards of Russia and neighboring countries over the past fifteen years. Over the years, he has established himself as a plant with a stable yield and fairly large berries, which cannot but attract gardeners. This strong-growing and fast-growing plant is almost ideal for cultivation in home gardens.