Characteristics of the apple variety Renet Chernenko, description and regions of cultivation

Characteristics of the apple variety Renet Chernenko, description and regions of cultivation

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Each gardener on his site is engaged in planting various fruit trees. Among them, apple trees are considered the most common. Specialists of breeding stations are engaged in breeding varieties that are adapted to certain growing regions. It is there that they reveal their properties and give more yield. One of them is Renet Chernenko's apple trees.

What species does it belong to?

The variety is included in the list of late winter varieties. The apple tree is partially self-pollinating. Placement near it is recommended:

  • Renet Kurskiy;
  • Autumn Striped;
  • Pepinka Lithuanian;
  • Welsey;
  • Antonovka Ordinary;
  • North Sinap.

These varieties contribute to the full pollination of the apple tree by Renet Chernenko.The harvested crop is well preserved for 235 days. Fruits are harvested in wooden boxes, which should be placed in rooms where the temperature is within 0 ... + 2 degrees and with a degree of humidity of 85-90%.

Features and description of the variety

Apple trees grow vigorous. By the age of 15, they reach 4.8 m, their diameter is about 5.4 m.The crowns are transparent and rare, have hemispherical shapes. The leaves are dark green of medium size.

During flowering, Reneta Chernenko trees are covered with white small saucer-shaped flowers with slightly wavy petals.

Apples are formed from flowers. The fruits are large, slightly flattened, weighing from 110 to 180 g. The color is yellow-green. On the sides illuminated by the sun, a faint blush with a pomegranate or scarlet hue appears.

The description of Renet Chernenko's apples can be supplemented with information about the pulp. It is white in color with a wine-sweet taste, is characterized by density and juiciness. It contains a large amount of vitamin C.

Breeding history

The following is known about the removal of Renet Chernenko:

  1. The place where the variety turned out was the All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Genetics and Breeding of Fruit Plants named after V.I. V. Michurin.
  2. The author of the project is Chernenko S.F.
  3. In the process of working on the variety, the seeds of Renet Pepenov were sown.
  4. This apple tree has been in the State Register since 1986.


Apple tree Reneta Chernenko begins to bear fruit after 7 or 8 years from the moment of inoculation. Having reached the age of fifteen, one tree gives a crop in an amount of about 62 kilograms. In practice, cases of harvesting 120 kg of fruit from an apple tree have been recorded.They are engaged in harvesting in September. For further ripening, Renet Chernenko's apples are placed in boxes, where they remain until November. Fruits are stored until the end of May.


To collect a lot of fruits in the fall, you need to know the nuances of planting, as well as properly care for Renet Chernenko.

It is recommended to plant apple trees in full accordance with the following rules:

  1. Saplings are planted in the spring, when the buds have not yet been dissolved. Or after the fall of the foliage in the autumn, but 14 days before the onset of the first frost. Otherwise, low temperatures will destroy weak seedlings. If apple trees are planted in areas where autumn is far from warm, it is better to postpone planting until spring.
  2. Apple trees by Renet Chernenko, purchased in the markets, must be carefully transported. They should be transported to the sites in mixtures with clay, wrapped in a wet burlap.
  3. If several trees are moving, then peat or sawdust, slightly moistened, is poured under the roots.
  4. Having delivered the apple trees to the site, their roots are shortened. Only those that have a dried or decayed appearance are removed. And also painful and with growths.
  5. If the root system dries out, it is recommended to keep it in water for several days.
  6. In areas where clay soils prevail or groundwater flows, it is not necessary to keep the pits open for a long time. In such lands, trees of the Renet Chernenko variety should be planted exclusively in the spring.
  7. Planting holes should be with steep walls, more than half a meter deep and up to 120 centimeters wide.
  8. During planting of seedlings in clay soil, drainage is placed at the bottom. Branches are usually used. This action will help to avoid stagnant water, and the tree will gain access to air and nutrients.
  9. Clay is poured into the bottom of the pit with sandy soil to retain the liquid.
  10. A stake is hammered into the finished hole, then a seedling is placed, so that the neck of the root system is located 30 centimeters higher from the ground. The tree is tied to a support, a nutrient mixture is poured onto the root.
  11. The hole is filled with earth. The result is a low mound, which is trampled, watered, sprinkled with hay. Sawdust and straw are also used for this.


Planting seedlings correctly is just the first step towards harvesting. The active period of growth of apple trees by Renet Chernenko is observed in June after the 15th. During this period, the trees are fed with liquid fertilizers.

Top dressing is done after the rain or before it. Fertilizer is poured into 15 cm wells. They should be prepared in advance.

During the first few years after planting, the trees need constant watering. Until mid-July, they are watered at least 5 times. One apple requires 30 liters of water. Trees that have entered adulthood are moistened differently. The first watering is carried out before June 15, the second - after 1 month, the third - until mid-August, the fourth - in the autumn months, but before the onset of frost.

For a rich harvest, you need to prune trees. If this is not done, then not enough lateral shoots are formed. As a result, the main branches have to hold an excessive amount of heavy fruit. Pruning is carried out before fruiting, then at the very beginning, the last time during the formation of apples.

Diseases and pests

Correct planting, timely care is not a guarantee of getting a great harvest. You need to protect apple trees from various diseases and pests. Rodents often attack trees. A small fence will help protect plants from them. The material for it will be a fine mesh half a meter in height. It is dug into the ground to a depth of 30 centimeters. To prevent rodents from gnawing the trunks, they are wrapped in glass wool. It will also protect trees well from cold weather. Damaged apple trees are covered with garden varnish, a film is wound on top.

Various insects can also take a liking to plants. To fight, the following actions are required:

  • digging and cleaning each trunk circle;
  • carrying out sanitary pruning;
  • whitewashing of boles;
  • installation of protective structures;
  • spraying with insecticides.

The main advantage of Renet Chernenko is a high level of scab resistance. This disease is most common in fruit trees. If signs of scab are found (and it can still appear in a particularly rainy summer), apple trees are sprayed with copper or iron sulfate.

Favorable growing areas

In accordance with the State Register, plants are recommended for breeding in the following regions:

  • Central;
  • Central Black Earth;
  • Middle Volzhsky;
  • Ural;
  • Volgo-Vyatsky;
  • Northwestern.

It is in the above zones that apple trees grow well, give a rich harvest and reveal their maximum qualities.

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