Features of the cultivation of table-raisin grapes "Rizamat"

Grapes "Rizamat" is a table-raisin early variety, which was bred by amateur breeders from Uzbekistan. Originators of this hybrid form of grapes: G.V. Ogienko, K.V. Smirnov, A.F. Gerasimova.

Grade characteristics

Universal purpose grapes "Rizamat" bred using a parental pair of varieties "Katta-Kurgan" and "Parkent". The hybrid belongs to varieties with early-medium ripening of berries. The name of the hybrid form is given in honor of the famous Uzbek winegrower Rizamat Musamuhamedov.

Bushes of grapes "Rizamat" vigorous. The leaves are medium in size and are characterized by a round, five-lobed, slightly dissected shape. Shoot ripening is good. The average number of fruitful shoots varies from 40% to 50%.

Bisexual flowers. Bunches are large, conical, branched. The structure of a ripe grape brush of medium density. The average weight of one bunch can be from 600 g to 1 kg.

The berries of the “Rizamat” hybrid form are very large, weighing from 9 to 14 g. The size of the berry is 4.5 x 2.5 cm. The shape is elongated-oval. The main color of a fully ripe berry is pink. The berries are covered with a medium-thick wax coating. The skin is relatively thin and covers a dense, crisp and juicy pulp. Sugar content can reach 18-22% with indicators of acidity of 5-6 g / l.

Grade Benefits

The hybrid form "Rizamat" is one of the most successful and is often cultivated by winegrowers in Russia. The main advantages of this hybrid are as follows:

  • universality of the use of grapes;
  • stable and high productivity;
  • attractive appearance of large berries;
  • bisexual flowering;
  • optimal balance of acids and sugars, making the taste of berries harmonious;
  • the ability of fully ripened berries to remain on the bushes for two months;
  • quite high marketability and transportability of grapes.

The disadvantages include such characteristics as the tendency of berries to crack when the moisture content of the soil ripens during the ripening phase, insufficient winter hardiness, and low resistance to damage by major diseases and pests.

"Rizamat": features of grapes

Landing rules

Grapes "Rizamat" is very sensitive to agricultural background and compliance with planting technology:

  • the soil on the plot under the vineyard should be well warmed throughout the day;
  • the soil should be very light and as nutritious as possible;
  • it is advisable to plant bushes on elevations on the southern side of buildings, retreating from the walls of the order of one meter;
  • the level of groundwater should be two meters below the surface of the soil;
  • seedlings should be well developed and without signs of disease or pest damage;
  • the landing pit should be equipped with a lower drainage layer, a layer of fertilizers and an upper layer of nutrient soil;
  • landing is best done in the spring.

The growth of planted plants is directed by tying to a vertical support. All plantings should be watered, and the soil around them should be covered with a layer of organic mulch.

Care Features

Grapes "Rizamat" refers to the varieties that are demanding in terms of care, which maintain consistently high yield indicators under favorable growing conditions. In order to protect the plant from oidium, colloidal sulfur should be used, as well as the highly effective Tiovit and Topaz products.

Watering and feeding

Irrigation of grape bushes of the hybrid form "Rizamat" should be regular, plentiful, but not excessive. Watering should be combined with fertilizer application, which has a beneficial effect on the development of the root system and nutrition of grape bushes.

All necessary fertilizers should be prepared in advance, among which the most important for productivity are wood ash, compost and high-quality humus. It is recommended to use Novofert and Master as mineral fertilizers. The optimal combination of potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen is contained in the Aquarin fertilizer.

Cropping and shaping

As for most Central Asian varieties, it is recommended to make a long pruning of 12-14 eyes for grapes "Rizamat". The variety requires a load of not more than 60 eyes per bush. Many winegrowers prefer to carry out medium pruning for this hybrid, leaving 5-6 eyes per vine.

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Reviews of winegrowers

Grapes "Rizamat" is highly appreciated by gardeners. The color of the berries, as well as their appearance and taste, have earned positive characteristics. However, it should be borne in mind that this hybrid form is very capricious and demanding in terms of agricultural technology, which somewhat complicates the cultivation of the variety by beginning growers.

Experienced gardeners note a strong growth of bushes and infertility of the first five eyes on the fruit arrow. This feature determines the use of trellis, which should ensure the placement of the entire length of the growth. It is necessary to fill the trellis as evenly as possible with fruitful shoots.

Vine growers recommend that when growing grapes "Rizamat" pay special attention to timely minting. Trimming is advised for 20-25 eyes, while the sleeve should contain a pair of fruit arrows.

The yield of the plant will be stable, if you do not neglect the shelter of the vine for the winter period, preventive spraying from diseases and pests, timely and competent implementation of green operations, as well as observing the irrigation and feeding regimen.

How to prune grapes