Description of the Belfort tomato variety, features of cultivation and care

Description of the Belfort tomato variety, features of cultivation and care

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The breeders endowed the Belfort f1 tomato with high yields and resistance to dangerous tomato diseases. What other benefits does the variety have?


Belfort f1 is a new early-ripening hybrid variety, which differs among all varieties of vegetable crops in large fruits and good immunity.

The type of plant is indeterminate. From the moment the shoots appear on the surface to the beginning of fruit ripening, 90-100 days pass. The height of a large-fruited tomato variety varies from 1.5 to 2 m. The bushes are resistant to verticillary wilt, mosaic, spotted wilt, bronze spot, cladosporium disease.

In addition, plants are not affected by unfavorable factors such as poor light, low and high temperatures.

Due to the short internodes, 8 brushes are formed on one bush. Fruits are rounded from above, flattened, and in the lower part they are elongated into a thin short "nose". Ripe fruits are colored deep red. The pulp is juicy, fleshy. Wall thickness 10–12 mm, 4–6 seed chambers. Due to their high density, Belfort tomatoes do not crack, they tolerate transportation well over long distances and are stored for a long time.

If all the requirements for care are met, the fruits weigh 250-300 g. On a formed bush, the weight of the fruits reaches 350 g.

The variety is intended for indoor cultivation. The description of the hybrid is confirmed in practice when grown in the first or second whorl.

Features of growing and care

The Dutch hybrid has the usual grooming requirements. When cultivating a large-fruited variety, special attention should be paid to nutrition and shaping. The optimum temperature for the development of tomatoes is + 22– + 25 ⁰С. At temperatures below +10 ⁰С, the ovary crumbles. So that the appearance of the seedlings does not suffer from a lack of light, it is recommended to supplement the plants with phytolamps.

What kind of garden manipulations need to be performed so that the characteristics of the hybrid correspond to the plant in the garden:

  • Watering. Like all tomatoes, Belfort needs a moderate amount of water. When growing crops, long droughts and waterlogging should not be allowed. Both conditions have a detrimental effect on the condition of the plant and its yield. Depending on the weather, the bushes are watered 1-2 times a week.
  • Garter. A tall variety is in vital need of support. Therefore, after the seedlings take root in a new place, pegs or a horizontal trellis are installed near it. Secure the stem with twine or nylon fabric cuts.
  • The first time young plants dive at the age of 2-3 true leaves, the second - 5-6.
  • Top dressing. It is better to use multicomponent mineral mixtures as fertilizers for tomatoes, which, in addition to chemical elements, include amino acids. To make top dressing effective, it is recommended to do a soil analysis before purchasing fertilizers.


According to the opinions that experienced farmers left on the gardening forums, the hybrid matches the manufacturer's description.

With proper nutrition and the formation of brushes, the weight of tomatoes is 300-400 g. At the same time, gardeners note that the bush sheds fruits if the load on the brush is very large.

Have you grown Belfort f1 tomatoes in the greenhouse? How did culture show itself? Leave reviews to convince gardeners who find it difficult to choose among the many varieties.

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